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Darkie's Seventh

Muusa's first litter will be with a chocolate tabby boy Lasso. :)

On their most recent attempt Muusa screamed out loud a few times! Between January 1st and 3rd 2019 there was atleast two succesful matings at Lasso's home, if this bears fruit, Muusa is due on March 7th!

The couple spent time together between June 17th and 19th and most likely there were matings on 17th and 18th. If they were successful the litter should be due on August 21st 2018! Keep your thumbs up!

Muusa's pregnancy got probably interrupted by the massive heat wave and the next round was unsuccessful because of the male...

Mated between January 1st and 3rd!


FI*Darkie's Benzaiten, "Muusa" (RAG g 04) x Lumenvalkean Flasso, "Lasso" (RAG b 04)

Parents pedigrees (inbreeding 0,840% in 10th generation)

What has happened so far