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Mating from the next heat!

This attempt with Gubbe is Muusa's last, and I am now taking a risk by mating them both from their next heats. :) Let's see if we finally get any kittens...

Mating from the next heat!


FI*Darkie's Benzaiten, "Muusa" (RAG g 04) x Kullannupun Gubbe, "Gubbe" (RAG n 04)

Parents pedigrees (inbreeding 0,762% in 10th generation)

Mating possibly from the next heat!


FI*Darkie's Daikokuten, "Ruusu" (RAG f 04 21) x IC Mokotuvan Nutukka Utuinen, "Nutukka(?)" (RAG c)

Parents pedigrees (inbreeding 0,340% in 10th generation)