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Darkie's 7.2

Unfortunately the first attempt didn't take, but we will try again. :)

Quite the grumpy cat Ruusu tried her luck with calm Nutu. Nutu's tiring tactic was successful, and after almost 2 whole days the stud got to mate her! It's for sure that there was a successful mating on March 11th, there might've veen more without me noticing. Most of the attempts end up by one of them falling on his or her side. :D

If their fun beared fruit, Ruusu's due date is on May 15t 2019

Will be mated from her next heat


FI*Darkie's Daikokuten, "Ruusu" (RAG f 04 21) x IC Mokotuvan Nutukka Utuinen, "Nutu" (RAG c)

Parents pedigrees (inbreeding 0,340% in 10th generation)

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