Darkie's Daikokuten - Ruusu

Ruusu is a sealtortietabby mitted, RAG f 04 21.

Ruusu was born on 1.4.2017 and is from our first tortie litter.

It's such a shame I can't put it directly into words that Ruusu is developing the worst possible missmark that there is for a mitted, it's like a bicolor pattern on her face. This rules out all the catshows for her... But since her character and built is the best I've had born to this dare she will stay within the breeding program!!

You can see Ruusu's pedigree here. (PawPeds)

Ruusu is top of the class in our sixth -litter, and my choise at birth, and I am still searching for a fosterhome for her, as I am looking for her sister Muusa!

Since her half-brother Aatu and father Kin are living with me, I can't keep the girls here.

Ruusu stretching

Showpose, 7 months


CH Ryoko edle von den Lichtalben, n 04 x GIC Kin edler von den Lichtalben, RAG e 21