Iris is a rescue cat and I brought her home from Pesaleidja, cat house in Tallinn. She is just an ordinary housecat, longhaired and her pattern is a spotted tabby with white. (HCL n 24 09).

For the most part of her life she's been at a cat house, and since Tiikeri passed away, I had a massive hole in my life, that I just knew that on someday I need to get a new housecat and after browsing multiple webpages hosting homeless cats, from both Finland and Estonian, I found Iris.

Many will judge me because I went overseas to get myself a new housecat, since there are cats without home here in Finland too, but I had been browsing pages since December 2014 and in the beginning of the year 2015 I befriended a woman in facebook who worked with Pesaleidja and so I rather got lost on their homepage and found cat/s who made my heart skip a beat. This didn't happen on any photo I saw of Finnish felines, even though they, too, were all cute, tehy just didn't seem like "my cats".

Iris was tested for FeLV/FIV as I asked them to do so, and after she was clear, I started planning the trip to get her here. It was Thursday, April 2nd as I finally got her here. I chose that weekend, because it was Easter and I had a long weekend with her to see how she settles.

Iris was found on July 18th 2014 in Tapa, Estonia, from where she was transferred to rescue-home in Virumaa. There she lived untill December 29th 2014 and then she was transferred to Pesaleidja in Tallinn, Estonia. This is where I found her.

It's going to take a long while untill Iris is completely at ease here with us, she's got so much to learn. Junnu has been the key on her progress; she just adores Junnu and I thank his help for every little bit; without Junnu, I don't think that we'd be this far; it had only been a week when Iris came to me by her own choise.

Because Iris grew seriously over attached to Kin, she now live's with Yolanda in Turku. I thank her family sincerely for their home!!


Date of birth, tets and weight

  • D.o.b.; x.06.2014
  • Weight; 4,16 kg (7.11.2015)
  • FeLV (kissaleukoosi) - Negatiivinen, 16.3.2015
  • FIV (kissan immuunikato) - Negatiivinen, 16.3.2015

Most of all I'd like to thank Meri Lindroth, she aided me with Iris and co-operating with her was smooth as ever! :)