More about animal welfare associations

Even if for one ragdoll the best companion could be another ragdoll, it's still very important to remember that there are many animal welfare associations filled with cats in need of a home. When people won't neuter or spay their cats and let them walk outdoors by themselves, when this happens, the cats will mate, and they will mate a lot. Then we'll have lots and lots of kittens that no one will take appropriate care of... Males are the worst. They can easily mate one female a day with success, for every day of the year they roam free.

For this reason alone, it's so important to neuter your cats, and if you ask me, cats do NOT belong in the wilderness. Cats do not suffer indoors, if you apply enough toys, places to climb to, they will enjoy their time in and won't get bored. After all, you can go out for a walk with your pet, safely, with harness' on or then you may build an enclosure for your pets.

When you're looking for a companion to you beloved feline, please see if your local shelter would have a cat for you. These cats will grow up to be as loveable as any registered cat.