Fostering a cat?

To foster a cat means that a cat in the breeders breeding program lives elsewhere.

This is a custom because the breeder can't fill her/his home with cats, this is bad for the cats and the breeder itself. Not to mention how expensive it is to keep a hoard of cats.

I for one want to keep the cats that retire from the breeding if it just is possible (hierarchy keeps up), and this is why I can't keep them all to myself. And I just don't feel it's right (not for me) to keep a cat untill s/he is done with his/her part of the breeding and then find a new home for him/her. I feel it's better for the cat that s/he finds his/her foreverhome at a young age.

Fostering prevents for mating by mistake and most of all that siblings won't breed together.

When a cat is fostered, there will be a formal contract where is stated how many litters the fostering withholds, is the cat nursing at the breeders place or at her foreverhome, or where the stud will mate.

Being a fostermom/-dad is not easy, it's not a game. Fostered cat might start marking his/her territory at a very young age and mating isn't possible before the age of 1 year after the cat has a clean bill of health. You can't neuter a fostered cat when you get fed up with his/her hormonal activity. But still, at it's best, by fostering you might get to experience the best moments that breeder gets.

I want to get to know the possible fosterhome candidates just as I want to meet other kitten mommies and daddies. Unlike the regular kitten buyer, the fosterhome needs to be close to breeder, a short drive away. This is that the cat doesn't get too long a drive to the breeders place and journey for breeder to see the cat isn't long either.

I won't foster a cat to be an only cat.

Incase of a stud

The contract for each stud is unique, but the brides would always travel to the bride's place, unless the stud gets too stressed in the car. This is to guard the male from reaching overactive state at home, the scent of heating female without the female in sight might make his life hard. But if the stud is anxious in cars and is anxious long afterwards, it is possible to plan the females trip to the male's home. If this happens, the owner of the stud is required to clean the place of the female's scent so that the male can continue living stressflee life at his home.

I wish for the fostercats to visit catshows (owner pays for showing and this makes the foster sum cheaper), and you need to keep in mind that especially with studs the risk to spraying is significant.

Incase of a female

Also the contract of every female is unique, but most of the time the males travel to the female's place, unless the stud's owner demand it otherwise. If the male comes to the female, has the owner of the female a full responsibility to look after the stud's wellbeing and that the stud is not harmed or is not able to mate with other females. The female will give birth and nurture either at her fosterhome or comes to the breeder.

Especially the fosterhomes for females needs to be close to breeder, because complications are a huge possibility and first time midwife possibly isn't at full focus. The kittens are weighed and treated precisely as the breeders instructions states.

I also wish for the fostered females to visit catshows (owner pays for showing and this makes the foster sum cheaper). With females the problems are heats, sometimes very strong and close to another, and sometimes spraying.

Are you interested in fostering?

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