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The breeding plans for this year has been turned on its head multiple times during this year, and they got turned around yet again during the summer as Aatu's kidneys started to show signs of distress.

Due my own busyness and laziness to rewrite already written text, I will just post links to the Facebook posts I've writtend during the time period I've been struggling with said issues.

Aatu's kidenys, part 1, Aatu's kidneys, part 2


So it happened that Haiku got sterilized on June 1st 2022. The heats that the Spring caused made her do mostly all of her toilet business outside of the litterboxes she was provided, and it was very clear that her hormones were too much for her to handle. It is the utmost importance for a breeding cat to have a good head to tolerate it's own bodily functions as well as good tolerance for stress. Procreation is very stressful for anyone, for both male and female cats, and it really takes a toll on one's head. Luckily Haiku managed to give birth to even one litter, and hopefully Nala won't follow in her mother's footsteps.

Suddenly Nala is the next one in line for mating, as her heats got closer together during Spring and she started marking around during her heats. Her cycle has been quite reasonable thus far, around 2 months between heats and suddenly it got to be around one week in between heats. She's going to get her echos and bloodwork done and from the next heat she'll be mated with Aatu. Pairing Aatu and Nala together is rather tight line breeding, which is something I wish to avoid for the best of my abilities, but if I won't pair these two, I won't be getting any offspring from Aatu to myself... And I've wished for a son from Aatu to carry on his genes. This pairing is a well thought out, fullwell knowing the possible risks, and openly discussed decision. For once I'll take the risks instead of playing safe. Didi has now decided to keep a Spring break from heats, so we'll see when she's ready for action.


Congratulations to my second import, Ryoko graduated to the highest title for neuter cats in Fifé on SUROK's show in Järvenpää on 13.03.2022 - congratulations to our most recent Supreme Premior!

Nala also graduated to Champion title at Askola's catshow on 06.03.2022. :) Congrats to Nala and her fosterhome!

Bad luck with breeding still continues, as Ruusu was again left fruitless after mating. I will give her this year 2022 to try getting her second and last litter, but since other girls are getting older Didi will meet with a stud from her next heat. :)


Litterplans for this year really didn't pan out at all like I wanted them to... I tried mating Ruusu in the beginnin of Summer, but the mating didn't take and she never got another heat before her annual Autumn break.

I stopped giving Haiku her pills to get her into heat, but noted that either because of her hormones, the amount of cats or both, she is stressing quite a lot and will go to my mother's place for a probation period to see if her stress eases out. I haven't yet planned out if she'll go neutered or still try for a while. Anyway, it really looks like on Haiku's behalf, her time in the cattery has ran out, Ruusu's mate Kullannupun Gubbe had to be neutered because of immense stud behavior and this means I need to find a new mate for her.

Breeding is like this at times. It frustrates.


Happy Valentine's to all you reading this page!

Unfortunately I am still way behind on my updates with the stress from handing out the kittens, all that happened during the Autumn and then the final nail on the coffin on January 9th when suddenly Kin collapsed and was rushed to an animal hospital, where he later died. I am happy that I got some help with the kittens and was able to stay away for a few days.

We were struggling with Aatu's tail gland inflammation for a really long time. Only in the end of January we were getting over it, and all it took was a LONG antibiotics (40 days), washing, treating and an implant. Because of said implant Aatu is currently out of commission.

I hope that after I get Kin's necropsy results back I am able to finally write in memory text about him. Until that I hope you can tolerate my poor updates. I hope you understand. On January 8th Kin was his usual self, loving, cuddling, caring and on 9th he was cold and almost lifeless. Suspicions are towards his kidneys.

Rest in Peace Kin, PR SC Kin edler von den Lichtalben, 5.9.2012 - 9.1.2021


I am really behind with the updates to this page, the Autumn has been extremely busy with two of the kittens getting the flu, Aatu's tail glands prolonged infection, a lump found on Pörrö's side and Haiku's infected milk glands, twice.

To add to this I completely forgot my password for a while - I try to get the page up to speed after the holidays!


We attended to a group echo today and got Haiku, Kaleva, Jätkä and Savu cleared for now. :) Now we just wait for Haiku to heat so we can see if Kaleva is capable of doing anything with a heated female. :D


We are living some weird times... This outbreak of coronavirus has not really had any effects on our everyday lives, but the cats will come up with ways to make everything more tense!

On March 27th Haiku suddenly developed a new heat quite fast after the previous one, of course on that date when I fell into a deep sleep before making sure Aatu and Haiku are separated. Few hours laters I woke up to Aatu's meowing and wooing noises, I got up and found the young miss in intense heat in my kitchen, ready to mate with a moist area next to her tail. Naturally I got to expect that Aatu has managed to mate with her, against our plans... So here we are, waiting to see how she'll turn out. I really wish she'll just calm down with her heats and would have few more months to grow before mating. We still need to do echos and THEN mating, but not with Aatu. -.-


Phew. This years kittens have now left the household, it is now my time to breath for a while and then I'm on my way to Switzerland to pick up a girlfriend for Aatu (and possibly for Kaleva). ^_^

Trycoline's Paige Angely has quite wonderful pedigree, and even as she currently is smaller than my own girls, I hope she'll go above 4 kilos and I'll finally get some Aatu babies... :)

I deeply apologise about the late update of the homepage. Litter of this magnitude took a greater toll than I was prepared for. I'm just glad I didn't have two litters... x_x


I think many of you noticed that you couldn't reach my page via the familiar link, and I don't think everyone saw my post on Facebook.

The page was a collateral damage in falling out, and for a while in midst all the activities with the kittens the page and the domain was not working. The page itself I managed to save (I guess thanks?) and from there it was a fast buildup to another host, and after a week of waiting I got the domain transferred back to me. This would've been easier if I would've paid attention to the changes that happened in 2016 while I was busy with the kittens... But I still do get overloaded with stress quite easily and by quite small things when things just start piling up.

Currently the page is working as as well as if for some reason the domain is stuck or something. There shouldn't be any reason why things shouldn't run smoothly at least to 2021 (then I'll have to pay for the domain again).

My sincerest apologies to everyone for plausible problems!


Ragdolls as a breed took a great and possibly deadly blow in Fifé General Assembly on May 31st 2019... A standard proposal to prevent typing (extreme features) was presented and got turned down after a close call, and I'm afraid that it was the final hit for the classical ragdoll.

Now the responsibility lies on the shoulders of buyers to protect the traditional, beautiful and harmonious ragdolls and restrain from purchasing (not to even speak of bringing said cat to shows) kittesn/cats that have high forehead, tiny ears or round head. This is just way too much to ask from a fresh cat owner. :(

More of my rant on my public Facebook post.


Our bad luck just keeps on getting worse. :( Muusa's lovely weight gain stopped all of sudden and her already rounded belly suddenly flattened... So, if she was pregnant, she reabsorbed what was in there. I took her to vet on Feb 19th and she was ultrasounded to be empty. Her next attempt is her last.


It just happened so that we didn't get a single kitten born in 2018. :) Oh well, these things happen when you are working with animals.

Our plans are still timely and we're just waiting for heats! Year 2019 is probably bringing a bigger change into our cattery, but more of it later... ;)


The litterplans for this year are not going as planned. Lasso did not manage to mate Muusa at the territory of another male and Ruusu's spouse got changed because of the first candidate started marking too much (Titus was put on an implant).

I really hope Ruusu can held her heat until the male is ultrasounded on October 4th... I am really trying to mate both of the girls just so I could get one litter for this year, no matter from which female.


I'd like to sincerely apologise the lack of updates! I've not been feeling well, so I haven't been able to update more. It hasn't been making things easier that there has been this and that happening.


If all went as planned, Muusa is now mated successfully and we are able to get our Seventh litter to world!


All three cats echoed and are completely fine! :) Now we're just waiting for the bloodworks and Muusa's next heat... :)


Final stretch before ultrasound!

Tomorrow my latest litter turns one and I've reserved heart and kidney echo for April 19th for three cats. :) I'm getting Aatu, Muusa and Ruusu all three checked at once, so it's "quicker" to get next set of litters into action. It's going to be costly.

Let's see how Muusa's mating plans out, if she's healthy and direct with her schedule! She should be heating right when it's time for the ultrasound.


It just so happened that Ruusu moved to my place on December 25th, because her first heat was super vocal and she started peeing all over. So I had to decide whether I'd neuter her or take her to live with me where I can separate her behind a webbed door when necessary.

This also caused that Ruusu will be the first to be mated (or tested), and after her first litter she'll probably get Suprelorin chip so we'll see what Muusa delivers and if Ruusu's plausible dauhter/s are worthy of breeding.


I'm sad to inform that Ruusu and Jätkä managed to catch a cat flu from TUROK's catshow. :( They both got a fever and Jätkä had to be taken to the vet to get some fluids into his system, Ruusu got off with less. With the help of vets, medicine and fluids they both are now doing so much better, but it really gave me quite a scare!

Aku graduated to Premior in ISROK on Saturday! :) Unfortunately his head still isn't made for the show pressure, so his owner took him off the competition for Sunday. Next with Aatu I'm heading to Tallinn to hunt for the graduating cert for IC, and after that we probably stick to home to grow and I'll put him on the studlists for others to loan. :)

And I've decided to keep Ruusu to myself after her kittens, as a neutered pet, unless there is some home somewhere that is just outstanding. And after that I've totally filled my cat number and half of them are neuters. :D Muusa is going to search for a show-/pethome after she's had her kittens, as a neuter... :) I just wish I can find a fosterhomes for their daughters.


I am sincerely sorry that I haven't been updating, but there has been pain and sorrow in my life lately, so I just haven't been able to log in onto the server...

My girls Ruusu and Muusa are both still reservable for fostering! They are just a few day shy of 6 months old and are growing with magnificent speed!

We had to let go of my late housecats Tiikeri's brother Jeppe... He was euthanized on September 15th and this really put a dark shade on everything. He was really close to 20 years of age, just 5 weeks scarse. Girls in Espoo were taking care of him to the very end. Memories and sorrow are what's left behind... :(

Girls and Jeppe


All but girls in need of fosterhome are now in their new homes from Sixth litter. It is really such a shame that even after 10 weeks of searching there are no suitable fosterhome/s.. :(

We decided to sterilise Ryoko since she had so super strong hormonal activity that she was heating through the pill with only few days between her last and new heat. She even started marking in her fosterhome at my grandmother's place in Espoo. On July 11th her ovaries and uterus were removed. It's good this way! She's had enough kittens!


I've reserved a Suprelon chipping for Kin at the same time I'm going to see the vet with the kittens on July 4th. It is possible that he won't be mating after the chip's effect ceases. :)


Possible some hormonal signs...!


There are still no signs of heat on Ryoko - so I believe that she won't be heating before New Year. We can only hope for faster cycle, but atleast it's nice to wait something this good. :)

We're attending with a bigger crowd to this weekends cat show in Kuopio - five kittens from latest litter on Satuday, four on Sunday! Come say hi! :)

Aatu has been growing immensely! He was 5,3 kilos at 6 months, which is so much more than Junnu, or even Kin, was at this age!


It's been about 30 days since I gave Ryoko her last heat preventing pill. Usually her cycle has been 45 or so days, so we'll wait if she'll get heat or not!

I will mate Ryoko to Kin from her next heat, so her fosterhome gets the cat back, and I minimize risks between mother and her son. I don't usually work like this, but it's different circumstances. After this litter Ryoko will be put on Suprelorin and then she'll circle the shows. :)


Because of the moving I've had troubles with updates. My PC broke (fixed, but not in order), things are not in correct places and I've been going in places now. :)

Little by little I try to get things in order, weights and photos! Since I can update Facebook on my cell, I've focused on that.


Because of the kittens had severe diarrhea, we took stool samples to cross out the worst possible causes, and we did cross them out!

Stool samples


After rather long search (since 01/16) I found us a new home on Uusimaa-region, closer to my family. :) Our cattery is moving to Mäntsälä on 1.10.!


Iris left for new home today... I'm feeling blue, but as soon as she left, Kin has been with noticeably lighter mind. I think Iris' precence made Kin more anxious than I knew... I wish Iris all the best to her new home in Turku. :)


Ryoko's lab results came and are all clear - as soon as Emija's Elvis completes his health check, she will be mated!! :) :)

It's been 31 days since her last heat, so hopefully it will be long enough for Elvis to get his ultra's done and lab results back. His breeder has reserved ultra sonic for March 22nd.

In Fall I will mate Ryoko with Kin, and after she's clearly pregnant, Kin will get his Suprelorin chip... His very strong loss of weight probably stops us from going to the shows we have had planned... :(


Show-weekend in Tallin went splendidtly. :) Kin graduated to Grand IC and Ryoko gained Champion title, she was EX1 on Saturday even if there were a competitor! Tons of compliments and Kin was so closed to being Nominated, but his thinness was the reason why he wasn't chosen.

Ryoko will stay for maternity leave from shows now, she'll be tested on 29.2., and mated with Elvis from the heat after her result! :) For Kin his next show is probably Scandinavian Winner -show in Helsinki. :)


Happy New Year to all!

The cattery is, once again, looking for a new appartment. This time it would be a complete change of scenery and the next location would be somewhere in Southern-Finland. My own health requires for me to return to my support circuit, since I wasn't able to build one in here in Northern-Savonia.

I do not know if the moving will be timely before, during or after the next litter, but I will tell more when I know. :) So far I've tried to get an appartment from Espoo, Vantaa and Riihimäki.


It just so happened, that Kinder will be neutered. His Suprelorin stopped working and he immediately started to pee all over the place.


So, it happens to be so that I took Ryoko from her fosterhome in Espoo and to my place so I can train the learned bad habits away. She's learned to bite, fight, to go hiding when approached and avoiding touch. These are not traits to nurture on a ragdoll. I wish to get these traits off of her before she's done with her first litter, so she can return to her fosterhome before it's time for her second litter.

This didn't go as planned, but this is a possibility with animals; there is always a chance of things going south.

On the same trip as I got Koko here on October 27th, I picked up a bride for Kin. After this lady Kin will be put on Suprelorin chip. This will give Koko the room and time to take care of her kittens without the fear of mating unplanned with Kin. This girl from FI*Pehmis cattery will return to her home when she's mated. :)


Finally, on Tuesday 23rd of June I will go and get Ryoko to Finland!! Before she'll go to her foster home, she'll come live with me for a couple of weeks as I plan her feeding routine and get to know her and she'll get to know my cats. :)


I managed to choose one of the girls born in Germany, and with no surprise I ended up with a seal mitted... :) Ryoko will arrive to Finland around the midsummer and she will be fostered to Espoo.

Just before Easter I got myself a housecat, neutered female. At last my house feels like a home. ^^ I brought Iris from Tallinn, Estonia. :)


The world got so much darker in the end of last week, first of my offspring had to be put down after rapid illness, and the worst part is the fact that the victim of this was our baby Manu, who was tiny and fragile from the start..

This happened so quickly and took the lad quicker than we even got the chance to understand the seriousness of his condition. Hanna and Mikko has been on my mind constantly and I wish them all the strenght in the world in these hard times. Gladly they have Miina with them, supporting them and keeping them going. She is well and healthy.

Both Kinder and Anssi are, too, doing well. They're strong and healthy, so I think that Manu just got lowsy cards to play in this life. I wish we don't have any kind of deaths in the next 10 years, hopefully longer... :'(

Rest in peace Manu, FI*Darkie's Imashii Koutei, 20.4.2014 - 6.3.2015


After a search that felt so long, I managed to find a foreverhome for Nanna, after her life in probation with my friend did go as expected, but not with the humans. Nanna moved to accompany a lovely couple in Sörnäinen, Helsinki, where she get's all the attention the family has to offer. I wish all the best for her.

And the litter I longed so much was born on Feb. 20th, 6 kittens, 3 fgirls. ^^ At this point it seems that I can continue my breeding program in 2016!


It's been a while since I last updated. New year came and went and we permanently broke up with Mika, and he moved out on January 18th. At the same time Nanna went to a probation to my friend in Helsinki, I'm left with the boys and Pörrö.

The girl mated in December is pregnant for sure and she's due February 21st! Then we'll know if we'll get a new queen to the household. ^^


Finally, some cheerier news! The cat, of whose offspring I'm dreaming of, was succesfully mated. With some good luck we'd have a female in our cattery within 6 months! She would be fostered in Espoo.

So, if everything goes as planned, we'd have kittens in Spring 2016.


We are still in deep mourning, as we lost our oldest member, Tiikeri, on Monday. :'( Her condition suddenly got way worse and we had to euthanise her sooner than expected.

Rest in peace, my love... You can read Tiikeri's obituary if you want to, I already translated it. I also implanted a photogallery to there, where you can look photos of her from her life. Rest in peace, my beloved Tiikeri...


Kin's second litter shared a birthday with our 17-year-old Tiikeri, they were born on October 24th 2014! I congratulate Päivi, Astarte and the trio they had. :) Seems like Kin's first daughter went to Jyväskylä.

Now we'll just wait and hope for the best with the third litter. There are no more plans or dates for Kin at the time being.


Kin's second litter will be born on any day now! I've been very excited about this, and feeling little weird because "my" litter will be born elsewhere. I hope that Astarte and Päivi (FI*Lumikuu) will be fine. :) Also the litter of Muusa and Kin (FI*Emija's) will be born within few weeks.

And as a sadder news; our housecat Tiikeri is declining in her health. :( She's been dropping her weight as we've gone along the Fall and now she's only a bit above 2,4 kilos... she's always been tiny, but this is very concerning. On our vet's visit we didn't find any deviations from her x-ray photos nor from the clinical study. It seems that the year 2015 will be Her last one. :'(

Also Nanna dropped drastically her weigh as the weather got colder; on August she was almost 3,8 kilos, now she's only a bit below 3,2 kilos. We'll observe her and think if she is in a need of veterinary check as well.


Last weekend in Tallinn Kin finally became an International Champion! :) On the second show day he didn't get a cert, the judge just didn't like the build of this young fellow... But what could we do, next shows are at winter. :)

After this show-trip, Kin spent 1,5 days in Lumikuu-cattery with a heaty female, let's see if we get another set of little Kin's after 60 days. :) Atleast they mated plenty!


Well it just happens to be that our cattery has an order for a female cat, that is completely different line from Kin! ^^ When the year comes to an end, we'll see if our order is fulfilled.


So it was that in such a short amount of time, Kin had managed to mate with Pörrö. The stud that half a year ago didn't understand females at all is now all up at his business!

So at this point we don't have any active females in the building, or under our cattery's name. I'm still looking for a new female.


Pörrö's way too long heat (12 days) and a split second lapse in the head of the opposite sex while there are 2 very heaty felines in the household sealed the deal. Pörrö is getting sterilized fairly quickly from this date; I went to see our vet and we talked for a while, and since this is Pörrö's second heat and we are not closing the possibility of accidental mating, Pörrö will be sterilized on July 1st 2014. And this is how we lose our last breeding female. :/

I'm searching for a new female, I've got plans to one and another way, but time will show how this ends up.


So it seems that the year 2014 is the promised year of sterilizations in our cattery... I've decided to sterilize Pörrö now after she is done with these kittens. I talked about this with multiple breeders and in conclusion I came to realize that our little princess has given our cattery all she can do. :) From our lates litter we will get a fostered male to continue Pörrö's lines. And like Nanna, so will Pörrö stay and live with us. ^^


And so we've reserved Nanna a time to be sterilized, she'll be neutered on June 2nd 2014, 11 am. I hope this is enough to stop her bitchyness...


Oh well.. Nanna's suprelorin chip's effect is now gone. Last night she started her first heat since January 2013. We will sterilize her as soon as possible.


Today I'm heading home from school, back to Pörrö! :) I've been so home sick, I've been at school for almost 2 weeks straight, daily asking how things are going at home... Or with Pörrö. :)

Kin has been with me here at dorm, hopefully gaining weigh as he's got his own bowls of food and doesn't have to share with anyone. :)


My school is really standing in the way of breeding... :/ I'm glad our cats have Mika here at home to take care of them, I don't need to worry about that. It's just a shame for me because I have to stay at school so much this Spring...


At last weekends cat show, held in Kokkola, one of my offsprings, Minttu, FI*Darkie's Golden Dusk became a Premier! Congratulations to Minttu and her owner Jenni!


Today my page has had its 10 000th visitor! :) I want to thank each and everyone who has visited my page!


Today Kin successfully mated with Pörrö!!

Aand tomorrow we'll be at Jyväskylä's catshow with Kin, and also there will be Minttu from our 3rd litter. :) Welcome to cheer us at Jyväskylä's "Killeri" racecourse!


It's again somewhat dark day for the cattery. Nanna was ultrasounded today for her heart and kidneys; for the side of her kidneys she's all healthy but there is a leak in her aorta valve, which shouldn't be hereditary, but I think I'm not going to take the risk with litters... :( There was no murmur, and has never been, and this is one of the reasons these ultrasound sessions are so important.

At this point it looks like our group of neuters is going to grow with one, much sooner than I expected...


It was a rough weekend, but very much worth it! :)

Kin became Champion and tried the final competition. I am so very proud of my boy! I think he's more of a stud now, since he's sniffing around a lot and meowing after we came home from the show.


Feel free to come meet Kin and I in Lahti's catshow now on January25th and 26th, we'll be there for the whole weekend! :)

Since Kin tried to mate with Pörrö, Pörrö's gained 300 grams, but I still just don't believe that she'd be pregnant. We'll see in March the latest, if she'll suddenly in March give birth to kittens, then she was pregnant. :D


The last news for this year. Happy new year 2014! :)

So yeah, Pörrö had her heat and I don't really think that Kin was able to mate with her. They tried and they tried, but the young lad just lost all interest in the girl now that she's been in heat for 5 days. So we'll just wait and see, maybe he did succeed, or maybe he didn't. If not, we'll try again from the next heat!


Kin spent a few days at FI*Emija's -cattery and tried to mate with a girl, unfortunately he is still so young that he wasn't quite aware what he was supposed to be doing. He tried a lot, but we don't think he was successful. It's a shame, but he just needs more training!


Kin got such a great review from Kuopio, that I signed him up to Lahti's show for two days! ^^ I hate to be two days in a show, but what wouldn't one do for such a special boy... :)


At this point it seems like Kin's first bride is not going to be our own female, but my friends female that heats strongly and often and is a little hormonedevil. We're waiting for her heats and then we'll plan her mating. I wish Kin knows what to do!

Kin is in Kuopio's catshow on December 8th, welcome to greet and cheer for us! :)


Miina was sterilized on Tuesday, 12th of November. Now she enjoys the hormone-free life as a pet with her family. It's better this way. :)

We're now waiting for Pörrö to heat. She will be mated from her next heat!


I had Kin ultrasounded today. This time was originally reserved for Miina, but since I had to cut her from the breeding program I took Kin instead. I had a time reserved for Kin on Wednesday.

Since the stress from heating, mating and delivering would be too much for Miina, we decided along with the foster family that it would be best for Miina to just stay as a pet with them and not as a foster cat. It's a shame, but the well-being of an animal must be the first priority. I wish all the best for Miina and her forever home in Joensuu. I can't thank Hanna and Mikko enough!


I'm planning on reserving a vet time for Kin so I get his heart and kidneys ultrasounded. It's just that the prices has been getting so much up, that I need to think twice where I take him. But it seems that within few months Kin is able to mate. :)


I've been planning to write for a while now, I've just been under so much a stress and school, so it just was forgotten.

What has happened;

So her tumor was completely removed. :) There were no roots under the surface! Miss went through the sedative and now we just push forwards with full speed! :)


Pörrö's hernia was operated on 22.8., surgery went well and now we just heal. :)

So my plans are again up and going, but with a little hold over, so Pörrö has time to fully recover. Allthough a little hold over is also that I started studying, but I try to hold on to the plans I've already set aside.

For those who doesn't read Facebook, I started my studies to become an animal keeper on August 12th 2013! :) At this point it looks like I'm done with my studies on February 6th 2015.

Oh, and Nanna's nail is healing nicely, no need for further operations. :)


Today I went to the vet, this time due Nanna's broken nail, but at the same point we got clearer on the Pörrö issue.

Nanna is stable, but the nail was broken badly and the whole shell was removed, leaving the core bare. Now we just wait if the nail begins to grow again, if not, in case of infection, we need to think about removing the core alltogether. Let's hope for the best! Keep your fingers crossed!

Pörrös hernia will be repaired on the clinic where she was c-sectioned in the first place, they will do it free of charge because they're holding their end of the responsibility. :) We are heading to a cat show in Tallinn within a week (17.-18.8.) and after that, as soon as possible, we are reserving a repair surgery time for her! Kitten plans will move on, there will be new kittens earliest on the beginning of the year 2014, so that Pörrö has her time to heal from the surgery!


My kitten plans for this fall/winter might all have to be re-thought due navel hernia, that came up after the cesarean section last October. My vet said that this is a "technical naval hernia". I am going to contact some vets and ask their opinions about this and I am thinking of repair surgery for her. If I'm going to get even one statement telling me I should sterilize her, I'll sterilize her, because there is no sense in playing with your beloved pet's life.

So my plans with litters are now standing still. Now in August I'm getting Nanna ultrasounded, then I'll know if I have to stop breeding for a couple of years. It all depends on Nanna's test results.


Kin's second show went just splendid and we got a good review from Tellervo Kass. :)

This weekend I got confirmation to the thing I've been wondering by myself for a couple of months now; at this point it's strongly looking like Kin is a creamlynx, I am going to get a DNA sample to confirm this before we get kittens. :)


It is very possible, that this cattery is going to host housecats birth and growing kittens for 3 months. This is still under observation, but very likely. Kittens and the mother are all going to be rehomed.


We've moved again. Official moving date was March 1st, but all the stuff were moved on February 19th, on the same day when Kin got home. :)

This house is located behind the duplex house we used to live, on the same road.


Today I got Kin's test results back; felv and fiv negative, bloodgroup A. ^^


I'm proud to announce that Junior became Premier on Sunday! :)

Yesterday I also got Kin to Finland, he's now spending 4 weeks at the quarantine house. Such a pretty and big boy. ^^


I am so sorry for the long wait for page updates, I told on the Facebook page a bit over a week ago that updates will be pending due a broken relationship..

Tomorrow we'll be in Lahti's catshow with Junior, we're trying to get the last cert for him to gain the title Premier! It would be first of my own breeded cats with a title. :)

On Monday I'm finally on the way to get the stud from Germany! Oh well, first he'll spend 4 weeks in quaranteen, but after the catshow in Jyväskylä I'll FINALLY get him home to me. :)


All the kittens have now moved out of the cattery, towards new adventures! The way of life... I want to thank greatly Hanna and Mikko, Laura and Ada, Jenni and Petri, Anja and Mirre, for your interest in my kittens, and for offering great homes for our little and sweet ones! I hope I will hear from all of you! :)

Now I just need to start looking forwards; the trip to Germany to get Kin home via quaranteen. :) I'm going to get the boy on January 21st, and he'll spend 4 weeks in quaranteen near us, then he'll return to us if I can't find a foster home close to me.


So, there went the year 2012. :)

The boys from Darkie's Third litter are going into their new homes later today and the girl is also about to leave this house soon.

FI*Darkie's wants to thank everyone about the past year!


At this point it looks like that in the end of January, Darkie's cattery is getting a treat from outside of Finland... ;)


My hunches became true today, when we went to a vets office today with our kittens. One of the Pörrös boys have a slightly flast chest. I hope I got to help him in time! :)


We now have a home for Miina. ^^ Fantastic.


Pörrös kittens were born today via c-sektion after she was in labor so long with no results. 3 kittens were born, 2 of them are males. So far everything and eveyone seem hungry and healthy. :)


Nannas kitten just keeps on growing and Pörrö is getting rounder. Juniori and Tiikeri is showing in Kuopios Musti and Mirri arena on September 22th. Welcome to look and cheer us up. :)


It's been so rough week. We're soon done with moving and so on!

Nanna gave birth to her first kitten on August 29th, at 10 pm. Nanna now weights 3,7 kilos and the baby was born weighing 80 grams. :)


Got Juniors test results back! He, and the rest of the cattery, are officially free of calicivirus! :) Oh joy!


Nannas babys have started kicking! She still needs to wait 7-8 days before it's safe to give birth, but I'd like her to wait 10-11 days so we can move calmly.

We're moving on the week 35, or starting August 27th. I hope we get the bedroom ready before Nanna starts to give birth.


A lot has happened during this week. Pörrös groom Atte came to visit us on Wednesday and Sepi passed away on Thursday... Today I'm aging again.

Pörrö is now also stepped, so we would get kittens on September 1st (Nannas litter) and October 10th (Pörrös litter).

May the peace be with Sepis soul, he doesn't have any pain now. :(


Weekend is approaching and it's hopefully going to be a good weekend! Pörrös lovely groom Atte is coming for a visit (Pörrö should be heating in the weekend). We'll see, we'll see! :)


I believe that Nanna is pregnant. I'm not going to take her to echo, because she stresses so easily, I'm just going to do this by eye. I hope, that there isn't more than 2-3 kittens. :)


There are strong signs that leads to Nanna's pregnancy, she has a little round tummy and her weight is raising, slowly but surely. We still have a long way ahead of us. I don't need her to do many kittens, even one is good. :)

At this point it looks like our cattery will move to another location due high heating bills on the winter time... Will give more info about this when time is closer.


We'll see if Nanna got pregnant or not... I heard that there were successfull stepping (with help) on Thursday and after that the heat just went away and then there's been no action whatsoever.

Nanna is returning home on next Thursday, when it's been a week since the stepping, let's hope that she's more than just skin and bones when she returns...


Nanna is now with a stud in Lahti. This time she's at his place, hold your thumbs up!!


Ok, Nanna isn't pregnant after all, her weight stabilized to 3,3 kilo s after her stud left... Oh well, we're going to step her again during the summer.

Pörrö is now a Champion!! She got her title at Hankasalmi, June 16th 2012!

Next heat should be in the beginning of August.


Nanna is gaining weight. She may be pregnant after all?


So, we've got Nanna's stud over here, got him on Saturday. And today there may or may not have been a first stepping. Let's hope so. It's been so silent. I'm returning Heikki back to home on Thursday.



Nanna is about to heat now, so I'm picking our stud Heikki here on Saturday, and we'll see if Nanna becomes pregnant or not.


So, looks like there is going to be 2 litters this year in Darkie's cattery? How 'bout that... Nanna is heating so strongly, we just have to get her a stud.


This weekend Pörrö got 2 CAC certs!! We're only one cert away from our Champion title. :)

Both, Junior and Nanna, got their own EX1 certs. :)


Happy Easter for all!! Let's all hope that the summer will come after this cold spell in spring. :)

Nanna just keeps on getting new heats. Weight is what she should be getting, and even treats are not good enough... Her appetite hasn't been the same after mommys milk ended.


I'm doing some changes to this page, so don't worry if you don't see every photo in here. :) They will come back.


We got results from our fungal test through e-mail today and we're clear! FI*Darkie's is fungal free cattery, now with prove! :)


We found a reason for Juniors half pink nose. He caught a calici from Lohja's show in new years eve, the place was so damn cold... But do not worry, we will tighten our protection and carry our own sanitizer where ever we go.

None of our other cats got the infection, so the fact that Junior got ill even as he is vaccinated, I think the reason for that is that he didn't get enough mommys milk as he was a baby. We will continue our breeding program and I won't hide this thing. We will be a lot more careful from now on. :)


I got an e-mail yesterday, which said that we didn't fit in for the Jyväskyläs show in February. But nontheless, I'll be there still, helping a friend with her own cats. So, if you have questions, I'll be there.

I dropped out from school today to be on a longer illness-vacation, due week mental strenght.


Pörrö's sister Poppis (FI*Mayapaw's Mundo Maya) gave birth to 4 little kittens yesterday to Mayapaw's cattery! :)

Darkie's cattery wishes them the best of luck with growing and sends lots and lots of love.


Happy new year 2012 to everyone!

I hope you all have better start to this year than me, my year starts with flu. And headache...

Our success in RUROK's new years show was stunning! Tiikeri was BIS Housecat and BIS housecat veteran! I'm just still so shocked...


I've done the hardest thing in my life; I reserved Roopes last appointmet for a vet. Euthanasia. It's time for his last journey.

I have given him a lot, yet I need to take that all and more from him. Saddness in the cattery... :(


Heh, so now we've signed for RUROKs catshow that's held in the end of this month. We'll be there with four cats, kittens, Tiikeri and Pörrö, Pörrö as Tiikeris companion. So we're at Lohja, December 31st 2011. Welcome to cheer us!


I've returned from Espoo and from ERY-SYD's catshow in Helsinki, Saturday 19th November. Nanna was EX1 and Junior was EX2, both of them were so brave and kind the whole time, I am so proud. :)

I reserved vets appointment for tomorrow to get ridd of Juniors testies. And I'm also getting a microchip for Tiikeri.


Wow. I just heard from the owners of Nuutti, he's weighting 3,5 kilos! :) I though Junior were a big boy, he is 2,6 kilos.


We went to visit Adas new home with Junior and Pörrö. They all regognized each others. :)


Ada and Nuutti moved to live with their own familys now and life has started new on them. Good luck and much blessings to new owners! :)

Cat show in Jyväskylä went just fine! Junior beat Mirre and got EX1, Nanna got to be in judges best -choises but didn't get through due greasy fur... :)

I am happy that she didn't make it further, it would have been way too heavy run to get all the way to the end.


I've signed Nanna and Junior for ERY-SYD show that is in Helsinki in November! :)


I got the registerbooks for kittens yesterday. So now they are all registered ragdolls. ^^


Nanna and Roope vaccinated. :)


Nanna, Mirre and Junior have been signed up for show in Jyväskylä 9.10.2011! I'm going to sign Junior and Nanna also to Helsinkis show, Saturday 19.11.2011.

Second deworming taking place now friday-sunday, I'm using Axilur.


Nuutti, Junior, Mirre and Ada got their first vaccination on monday. Now that Nanna is all better too, she can go and get her first shot too!


I got SLR camera from my friend, so beware! There is much photos on its way!


August 14th I decided to weight kittens only once a day. So, no more morning weights now on. :)


Darkie herself just turned 21 years old August 4th 2011. :)


Not too long for the moment for Pörrö... Her tummy is round and tits are huge.


Pörrö has gained over 1 kg weight since private meeting with Ukko. Today as I wrote down her weigh, scale showed me 4330 g. We're getting closer to birth moment and I'm starting to feel the preassure... Phew, well, it IS my lil' miss anyway, I have permission to be stressed out. :D


Today our girls went to see a vet. Vaccinated Tiikeri and Pörrö got some experience on riding a car and how to behave at vets office. I also asked them to feel Pörrö, that everything is going like it's supposed to go. And we have everything going fine! She's almot 4kg's at her last weigh count. :)


After two more days, it's been exactly one year with our little queen, Pörrö. It's been such a pleasant year.

The further her pregnancy goes, more affection and care she asks, she also lies a lot more than usually. While she wasn't eating well, I started to gently rub her tummy to make her feel better and it worked, now she's eating well! And a lot! At her latest weight count, her weight was 3700g!


Pörrö has started to get rounder tummy now. Her breeder thinks that her lack of eating is due sickness caused by pregnancy. I'm dedicating my free time to help her eat and hoping she starts feeling better. Her teats have swollen and starting to look red.


Pörrö has started to gain weight, yesterdays weight count she had gained 100 g from the count done friday the 13th. 13.05.2011, friday, her weight was 3290 g and yesterday she weight 3390 g! I'd say our little miss is pregnant!


We got our beautiful groom, mr. Ukko, here to be taken care by me, due Porro still isn't in heat and having sexually active male cat is really hard to take care of. I'm just trying to help keeping care of the male that I'm trying to use with my female. Let's keep thumbs up that Pörrös heat comes fast!


It looks like we beat the ear infection and we're reserved tests for Pörrö for next wednesday, 23.03.

My writing to Ragdolls-magazine (Pörrö -prinsessan päiväkirja) got published in this years first magazine.

If you don't get the magazine, you can read it, sorry, only finnish text, in here


Today is Pörrös birthday! She's now 1 year old, still having ear infection, but we'll try to make it up to her by getting some treats for her :)


We took Pörrö to a vet to get some medicine for ear infection she got, probably from my mothers cat that was here for month and two weeks. Now Pörrö is getting better fast :)

Antibiot lasts for two weeks, started from Thursday 24th of February.


After todays contact about kittens in future, I've decided to start so called mailing list, where you can leave your information (Name, e-mail and phone) if you're interested knowing when there is kittens and with who. :)


Changed the way news -section seems.

Pörrö got Ex 2 from Lahti, and Sepi was better one of boys in housecats but lost to a better girl.


We've signed Pörrö and Sebastian for a show in Lahti this weekend, only sunday (30.01.2011). Wish us luck!


Got my certificate of my cattery name. :)

Now I'm registered cat breeder with the name Darkie's!


Waiting to get some information if we get to move to a bigger house :)

One more bedroom and two floors!

Been and finished my breeders course.


Pörrö got her first excelent 1 from her first show!


Got confirmation of Pörrö's show.

She's going to Seinäjoki!


Planning Pörrö's first Show at Seinäjoki (3.10.2010)

Also trying to fix the page :)


Page was opened and I've signd up for breeders course.

Waiting for info if I got in or not.