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FI*Darkie's Evening Star - Miina

Miina is a blue mitted, RAG a 04.

She is the daugher of Nanna, born as a only kitten on August 29th 2012.

You can find Miina's pedigree from here. (PawPeds)

Miina is the first cat I've ever fostered! I was thinking so hardly, if I should keep her or not, but I realized that my house would bee too full too soon, and then the health of my cat's would suffer.

So, I asked from the couple that were asking about Miina, if it would be ok for them for me to make one litter with her and they said that it's ok. :)

The fostering of Miina ended just before ultrasound tests due the fact that Miina wouldn't have been able to withstand the stress caused by heats, mating, delivering and being a mother. It's a shame, but Miina's got a perfect foreverhome to be as a pet. And she'll always have a special spot in my heart.

I am forever thankful for Hanna & Mikko, who've been supporting me through this decision. I wish you all the best! :)

    Tests and weight;
  • Weight; 4,2 kg (04.05.2014)
  • Heats started; 24.5.2013 (age of 8months 3weeks)
  • Sterilized; 12.11.2013
  • HCM DNA - Negatiivinen (20.9.2013)
  • FeLV - Negative (20.9.2013)
  • FIV - Negative (20.9.2013)
  • Bloodtype - A
  • Heart scan -
  • Kidney scan -


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