FI*Darkie's Cattery's studs

Our studs are available for matings outside of our cattery, for breeders that support the health of the breed. From inside and outside.

I do not support breeding of "perdolls" at any level, and thus I will not give my male to aid growing overtyped ragdolls. (round head, round eyes, small ears, strongly upright forehead... you get the gist)

I also expect natural mating from cats - if for some reason working male won't mate with the assigned female, there is something wrong somewhere and I won't aid with this problem. Also, if a female won't let the male mate with her, despite the male's encouraging and proposing, I won't make this happen.

I will not hold the female down so the male can mate with her. I will, on the other hand, help them get to know each others, if that is required.

You may ask a male from me if your female is..

My cats are familymembers to me and I will treat your cat as a guest of my family. :)

If you'd like to use my male, please e-mail me at darkie -at- :)

Currently no studs in the cattery

Waiting for new studs

Page updated on September 3rd 2022