Darkie's Cattery

So far there is only one cat in my "cattery" that represents that breed of cats that I will start to breed later on.

Still, there is five cats in my family, four of them are ragdolls and one is a housecat. Three of the ragdolls are active and in the breeding program.

Junior is our showboy. :)

If you want to see photos of these cats or of a certain cat, just click it's formal name. :)

PR IC FI*Mayapaw's Popol Vuh - Pörrö ♀ (RAG), neuter

PR FI*Darkie's Akai Yuri - Junior ♂ (RAG), neuter

GIC FI*Darkie's Yume - Aatu ♂ (RAG)

FI*Darkie's Daikokuten - Ruusu ♀ (RAG)

CH*Trycoline's Paige Angely - Haiku ♀ (RAG)


Fostered cats

Currently fostered

FI*Darkie's Dokujibara no tsubomi - Melodia (RAG a 21) ♀

FI*Darkie's Haikai - Nala (RAG h 04 21) ♀

If you're interested in fostering a cat, you can read more about it from here.

The only kitten from Darkie's Second -litter was fostered with contract of one litter to live in Joensuu, the contract was terminated later on.

After the sexes changed in Darkie's Fourth -litter, I fostered a male with flexible contract to live in Kuopio, but the contract was later terminated.

I am still looking for a fosterhome/s for two girls from Darkie's Sixth -litter!

Past fostered

FI*Darkie's Evening Star ♀ (RAG a 04), neuter

PR FI*Darkie's Kireina Koutei ♂ (RAG n 04), neuter

IP CH Ryoko edle von den Lichtalben ♀ (RAG n 04), neuter


I wish there wouldn't be any of these, but at times things just don't go as planned or expected and then we just have to find a new loving home for the cat..

FI*Darkie's Shiroi Sakura ♀ (RAG n 03), neuter

Iris ♀ (HCL), neuter

PR FI*Darkie's Kireina Koutei ♂ (RAG n 04), neuter

FI*Darkie's Benzaiten (RAG g 04), neuter

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