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Darkie's Fourth

Pörrö's third, and very possibly last litter, is now supposed to be born on April 20th 2014. :)

For long we kept this litter as all female -litter, since the stillborn was clearly a male, and many went through the sexes of the kittens, and only one left questions... But when we firt time vaccinated the kittens I asked the vet to look through the kittens and they all have testicles and penises. And this is how our princess-litter turned into prince-litter. :)

(Kin successfully mated Pörrö on February 14th, as a Valentine's date! The labor started on April 20th 2014 at 9 am, just as she was scheduled, she gave birth to 4 kittens; 3 girls and to a boy, but the boy was not strong enough to this world... This is our first tortielitter!)

Manu, Kinder, Anssi

FI*Darkie's... Color and gender Status
Imashii Koutei, "Manu" sealtabby mitted / ♂ Sold
Kireina Koutei, "Kinder" seal mitted / ♂ Fostered
Kawaii Koutei, "Anssi" seal mitted / ♀ Sold


Pörrö ja Kin

IC FI*Mayapaw's Popol Vuh (Pörrö, RAG n 04) x CH Kin edler von den Lichtalben (DE) (Kin, RAG e 21)

Parents pedigrees (inbreeding 1,64% in 10th generation)

Primary plan was to foster both male and female kitten from this litter, but when they all seemed like girls but turned out to be boys after the first vaccination, I'm not getting a female from this litter to myself, but I do get a male! :) The "sexchange" annoys the great deal out of me, but this is capable to happen to each and everyone of us.

Final weights;


So came the day that Many departed... With heavy hearts we took Manu to his new family in Joensuu, and he just owned the place immediately. :)

He still needs time with Miina, but his family is just thrilled. Have a safe journey, little guy. ^^


Again a week has passed, I'm trying to absorb as much of Manu's love in me as I possibly can. :) He's growing like a weed, and has learned so many valuable skills that cat is required to have, like protecting it's food! Earlier when I served food for him, he would eat only if there wasn't any other cats around... the big cats give the needed space for the little one, but he just wasn't brave enough to eat when others were watching. Now he even pushes through crowd to get to the food bowl! ^^

Manu has been growing healthy and steadily now, he's finally over 1,5 kilos and we've planned that he'd move to his new home the next Sunday, on August 10th. This is heavy for my heart... but keeping Manu "overtime" has been the best decicion of my breeding. :)


This past week has gone by so rapidly! Anssi's new family picked him up on Tuesday and Manu got to be the only kitten with us. At this point Manu is almost 1,4 kilos, he dropped a lot when the humidity and temperature got higher and his brothers was picked, so we took a small step backwards.

We went to greet Kinder on Friday July 25th, took Junior and Manu with us. :) The tiny little men wrestled and sprinted around quite a lot... when we go back home Manu was worn out, also Kinder slept well for a while.

Manu and Kinder


Now he's gone... Kinder... Again I got this deep dark feeling in my heart, the house got so quiet too and his siblings are all calm too, I think they, too, think that this day came too quickly.

Kinder was so brave and kind, he just settled to the carrier box and started baking; he knew that all is well... even though the breeder felt like crying.

Later today I'll put "final weights" here for all, so I'll weigh the kittens at night and mark it here, I'll update it to brackets when they leave the building. :)


Today Anssi got a home. :) He's not leaving this weekend yet, but probably on the next week. Foster home is picking Kinder immediately on Sunday when they are 3 months, today I'm pre-filling the papers and preparing for Sunday. :)

Manu is leaving around the beginning of August.


Again I've been unable to update this page for quite some while, but not much have happened. :) Kittens eat and grows, on Monday they all got their second vaccination, got microchips and Anssi lost his testicles. I'm selling Manu to such a lovely home, to a household I can trust 100%, and they will neuter him as they vaccinate their other cat. :)

Anssi's castration scared me a lot after we got home, because that same night one of his wounds had opened and his empty scrotum started to fill up with blood and as he sat somewhere, he left a tiny bloodmark after him. He played like he always played, so I wasn't too worried, and he wasn't sore for the touch. By the morning his scrotum was half the size it was in the evening and by nightfall it was completely normal, so we didn't have to go to the vet this time. :)

And it might be that Anssi will get reserved on Friday! ^^


They grow so fast. :) They are such gremlins at this point, playing all day and night, don't really like to stand still! The little ones were afraid of Pörrö when she returned from the clinic, but her motherly instincts were right there, even after sedation and a strong medication. ^^ She's such a great motehr!

Anssi is still pulling top weights, he broke the limit of 1,8 kilos, Kinder is quickly coming after him with almost 1,7 kilos and our tiny little Manu is a bit over 1,1 kilos... But he's got such a great character, wouldn't wish for better. :)

Our dear Anssi is still looking for a home. He's been asked for a showcat, but since he's badly missmarked, shows are out of the question.


Somehow the updating of this page is always put for tomorrow, I think I'm so "busy", that I just don't have the time to update, pishposh, this is just as quickly done as it is to update the facebook page. :)

The big news this week are that Manu finally crossed 1kg milestone! AND that the little big man now has a home, so only Anssi is looking for one. :)

Anssi is by far the biggest kitten I've ever had, Kin seemed to bring very nice genes to Finland. A day before hitting the age of 10 weeks he is 1672 grams in weight, being bigger than some of my kittens have been when they've moved from here. His weigh has been bouncing up and down quite a bit, certain toys are just that much fun, that they just forget to eat as long as they are on the floor.

I'm still not sure if and how much these kittens eat dry food, the food bowls needs filling daily, but after all there are many adult cats too. Can't really say... they prefer meat over dried food.


They've grown so big. :) And they are looking more and more like males now, Anssi has strong feminine features in his face! Our sweet little Manu is still under 1 kg, but this is the reason why he gets to stay here month longer than his siblings.. :)

Anssi and Manu are still looking for homes! I've started to think that I could trade Anssi to a female. :)

Weights from the night 19.6.2014


Oh well, now after the shock has gone down, I've figured out what the futures of the kittens are. I'm fixing their names to be less princessy.

I am fostering one male in Kuopio to a showactive home, so I get to use this line again if I decide not to do kittens with Pörrö anymore, I'm not sure about this and I will talk to multiple people before I do anything. At this point only thing I know for sure is that there aretwo kittens looking for home. :)

New names and EMS -codes goes as follows;

From these three Kinder is going to be fostered and Anssi and Manu are looking their forever homes. :)


First vaccination done, they were all so nicely. Hearts all fine, breathing all fine, no hernias but they ALL have willies. And testicles. From Kinder(iina) I expected this, and maybe from Minja (Manu), but not from Ansa (Antti), since he even looked so girly, the vet got surprised too that she is a he.

But I waited this to happen to me, it's possible for anyone and now it was my turn. But atleast I learned new things to figure out the sex of the kitten. I've been so sceptic about this litter, they've had something in them that is different, but I really couldn't put my finger on it, and since many have said that they are all girls, I just pushed aside my doubts and decided that they are. But they are not!

Now we'll re-register them to be princes, but most likely homes will stay the same.

Instead of loaning another stud for Pörrö's last litter, I think I'll try my luck again with Kin, because I really do want a kitten from him.

We'll see how things turn out. This has been... well, different.


My on-the-job learning is making it hard to update my homepage, gladly I've had time to quickly updating the facebook page. :) But I've just been so tired daily that I just haven't had the time to do so. The rest of the summer I have with the kittens... Well, almost.

This weekend we'll head to Espoo to help my mother with her wedding. Kinderiina's future owner, the breeder of FI*LeonisMinoris' and the person who has been taking photos of my cats quite often, Aura, will be looking after the kittens (and the rest of the gang) while we are away with Mika. :)

Kittens are growing steadily, we had an episode with diarrhea, and it's so hard to get these kittens to drink more water now that it's been +30'C out there, I've been giving them extra water and more vitamins... Gladly it's been getting better with this too. :)

Weights for kittens this morning;

People have been asking about Minja, but no one has been able to come here to see her and reserve her. :) Very gentile contacts, but yet she is without her forever home. On June 16th we will vaccine our kittens for the first time, at this moment we're deworming them again. :)



Yesterday I got the register books for kittens. :) One more little group of registered raggies. ^^

I've fed them slices of pork, they just love them, they are not eating dry food yet, not even from time to time, Pörrö is still nursing them so much. Yesterday I first served them shrimps and Minja and Kinderiina just loved them! :) Ansa prefers to stuff herself with pork.

These were morning weights for kittens;

Even though Minja is much smaller than her siblings, she's been growing in a sufficient speed. :) Kinderiina has been doubling her weight the fastest, and is "leading" the weight chart, Minja is second and Ansa is slowest, because she's got the most at birth. :)

Our tiny little Minja is still looking her own human, our cute little termite. ^^


I started the registration process in the end of last week and it wasn't long after when I saw kittens register numbers in Omakissa (our online version of Kissaliitto, pedigrees, show applications, cat's health tests...)! :) So our litter is now officially registeted.

Yesterday was the first day I served them meat, and oh how they liked it. The plate got empy really fast and kittens found a completely new source of energy within them. :)

They are soon very fluent with the litterbox routine, I think that Ansa's got the biggest problem with it, since she seem to forget where, exactly, the box was located... As we're searching home for Minja, I'm getting this scary feeling within me that says; "What if we kept her?"


Kittens have reached their one month milestone! How can this be, month has flews past so fast... We're practising eating solid food, but it seems that litterbox with its litter, siblings and toys all taste soooo much better... But we've got time. :)

Ansa and Kinderiina is now officially reserved, reservation fees paid and now only Minja is looking for her foreverhome!

Minja's chest isn't round yet, but it's getting rounder and rounder daily by itself, since we never got her to wear the vest. She's such a sweetie, and has quite large fanclub. Our small big kitty. ^^

I am keeping Minja for one month longer than her siblings, and I am going to be extra careful with selecting her home. So, she'll be ready for new home on August 20th 2014. :)

Minja, Kinderiina, Ansa


My school is getting in the way of updating my homepage, last weeks at schoo and for my last week of school this semester I'll take kittens with me there while I'm on-the-job learning for a couple of hours a day. :) Otherwise I'm missing so much of these kittens.

They are all gaining weight at a steady phase, they could be gaining more though. Ansa is at 550 grams, Kinderiina at 497 grams and our lil' miss Minja at 328 grams.

I had a possible home for Minja, but the reservation was cancelled during the week, but since she's the flat chested one, I'm not rushing with her, the first thing is to rehabilitate her chest to get round, or more round. In the end I hope I'll get her a good home where she will be understood regardless of her minor disturbance in development... And the main goal is that she gets to live good, long and pain free life.. :)


At this point it looks like all these three has a home. :) One is going to be a pet, another going to be showcat and third is going to be fostered. And they are all girls! :)

I think I'll name Minja FI*Darkie's Imashii Hime, meaning Brave princess, Kinderiina will become Kireina Hime, meaning Beautiful princess. I am still waiting for Ansa's foster family to pick her a name, this will probably be decided next week when they will come to meet the lil' princess. :)


At times I am so worried about this one little girl's chest, the one who lost a bit from her tail is also flat chested, I wonder if this is due the wait I did before deciding to take the kitty to the vet to get the part of her tail amputated. :( I feel so bad now. But for now it seems to bother me more than it bothers the little miss herself.

The sex of Minja is so unclear, but she might actually be a he, Manu. I'm still waiting if she's growing testicles or not, it might just be that her private parts are somewhat swollen still, more than they are on Ansa. I've compared these two together the most. The person who reserved Kinderiina changed to Minja/Manu after my recommendation, so Minja will become Kinderiina and Kinderiina will become Minja. :)



So it happened, Kinderiina lost 2-3 vertebras from her tail via amputation. She thought that the unfamiliar hand holding her was worse than losing hte tip of her tail. She won't be missing the part we cut off, I just hope that the necrosis didn't have time to spread toxins into her system... :(


Labour day was spent calmly with kittens. Watched a movie while laying next to kittens, the ones have opened their eyes have started to play a little, they're looking everywhere and are starting to taste everything. :) We've got such a harmony in our co-custody here, even though Pörrö doesn't really like that Kin is taking care of her kittens. But then again, studs can be dangerous on the little ones.

Tomorrow we'll go see a vet with Kinderiina. And purple was named Minja! :) I don't like calling kittens by the color of their tail, but sometimes you need to wait a bit so you know what name will fit them. ^^


Now they're opening their eyes!! :) Purple has hers almost wide open, Ansa is slowly starting and Kinderiina doesn't rush, she takes her sweet time... Helping hand in delivery seem to cause a minor damage to Kinderiina's tail, on Friday we'll go see a vet... :(


All of them have doubled their birthweight. ^^ Green was named Kinderiina, and since I decided that I'm fostering the yellow one; her future home named her Ansa. :)


Purple kitten seem to be developing "swimming kitten syndrome", her legs moves on her sides like she'd be swimming... I'll start immediately her rehabilitation, guiding her muscles to move in the right way. :) Let's hope that early helping will prevent the need of bigger assistance.


Kittens have been growing nicely. :) Their ears got dark during the day! And we think that "green" kitten is getting her fathers stripes!


Today was the day! Our little princess -litter was born without C-section. :)

The girls were born weighing as follows; "green" 70 grams, "purple" 86 grams and "yellow" was whopping 116 grams! they are all filled with life and noise. At this point it seems that Pörrö kept nicely weigh herself, but I don't feel like weighing her today, since the labor took so long, she started around 9 am and was done after 3 pm. She's so great mother, always has been... There is no one better. :)

Happened so far;