Breed presentation of Ragdoll

Approved patterns for Ragdoll; bicolour, colourpoint and mitted.

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Ragdoll is the cat who charms you with his beautiful blue eyes and cuddly appearance. However, when you get to know the breed better, you'll find that their most distinguishing feature is their temperament. They are very affectionate, relaxed, playful and seek their people's company. They play and fool around, and after getting tired, they curl up to your lap. That is, if your lap isn't taken by another Ragdoll already.

Many times when a family adopts one Ragdoll as a companion, soon another follows. They are extremely addictive, and even though they get along with any other cat or dog, they appreciate the company of another Ragdoll the best.


The story of the Ragdoll started in the 1960's at Riverside California, USA. The breed was started and developed by Ann Baker. The founding queen Josephine was a half wild white angora-type cat, owned by Mrs Pennels, Ann Baker's neighbor. She had often litters, and her kittens were as wild as her. One day Josephine was hit by a car, and was badly injured. She was taken to a local university where she was nursed back to health. She had lost an eye, but remained fertile, and started having litters again.

However now the kittens were totally opposite as her kittens before the accident. They were easy to handle, floppy, and were looking for human attention. One reason to this was probably the fact that Josephine gained more trust to people after the accident and had her litters around people, whereas before they were born and raised outside.

Ann Baker managed to get herself some of Josephines kittens and started to develop the Ragdoll. She had very original ways to breed her cats, but got some amazing results. She never wanted to register her cats to any major cat associations, but started IRCA to register her cats.

Denny and Laura Dayton of Blossom Time cattery had an important role as making the Ragdoll a recognized breed of cat. They worked hard to get them accepted in most American cat associations. Their Blossom Time cats are found behind every Ragdoll's pedigrees.

Ragdoll is fast gaining popularity all over the world and after you get to know this wonderful breed, it's easy to see why.