Approved patterns for Ragdoll; Bicolour

Other patterns; colourpoint and mitted

In bicolour -pattern, there is no white feets, belly and upside down "V" in the mask. There is not supposed to be any colored spots in legs nor belly. On back there is allowed to have some white spots. Nose leather as well as paws are pink.

You can find bicolours in following colours (EMS code in parentheses);

  • All colors mentioned before can also appear with extra tabby-pattern.
  • Seal, blue, chocolate and lilac are all traditional colours, and then there are red, cream and torties that are so called new colours.

    In this picture is a kitten from our First litter, Darkie's Shiroi Sakura / Nanna, she is a seal bicolour (RAG n 03).


    (c) Mika Parikka

    Darkie's cats that are bicolor;

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