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Darkie's 9.2

Because Ruusu's plans are still open, but Nala stepped up as a mandatory 'must mate now', is Nala's planned mating with Aatu numbered 9.2, this means that Ruusu's next mating attempt with entirely new stud will be with a new number.

Nala's first, and possibly the only, litter will be made with a higher inbreeding percent with Aatu, as Nala's mother Haiku had to be sterilized before her second litter. This means that the line that continues from these two need to be paired further with extra care. I aim to avoid line breeding to the last possible point, but this time I will take the risk, full well knowing the risk is there, and I intend to be open about this.

Due the situation that developed with Aatu's kidneys, he was put aside from stud duties permanently and Aatu's real-life-copy of a son from Dollgarden's cattery came to our aid. Kapu is taller, longer and heavier than his father - but especially skull-wise he is more slender. Kapu is a lot younger than Aatu, which means he still has a lot of time to grow out to even more gorgeous. ♥

Nala spent a steamy date with Kapu between August 10th and 13th, succesfull matings were witnessed during August 11th and 12th - so now we wait! If she was inpregnated, she'd be due on around October 15th. :)


Nala ja Kapu

CH FI*Darkie's Haikai, "Nala" (RAG h 04 21) x FI*Dollgarden's Kalimeris, "Kapu" (RAG n 04)

Parent's pedigrees (inbreeding 2,76% in 10th generation)

Pairing is PG-free

Possible colors and patterns;

What has happened so far