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Darkie's Third

Photos of the litter

Pörrös second litter was concieved between 2.-4.8. and it should be due Octobet 6th, if we can trust to a calender Kissaliitto has given us. :)

Loki, Santtu, Minttu

FI*Darkie's... Color ja gender Status
Blue Dawn, "Santtu" seal colorpoint / ♂ Sold
Silver Noon, "Loki" seal mitted / ♂ Sold
Golden Dusk, "Minttu" seal mitted / ♀ Sold


Pörrö ja Atte

CH FI*Mayapaw's Popol Vuh (Pörrö, RAG n 04) x GIC FI*Emija's Adonis (Atte, RAG a 04)

Pedigree of the parents (inbreeding percent 2,80% in 10th generation)

I was supposed to put one or two boys from this litter into a foster home, but after things turned difficult, and nothing went as planned, Darkie's cattery will still stay without a stud working under my breeder name. :(

Final weights;


And that's how the kittenhood is now gone and the kittens started their journey in another place. Thanks for all the homes!


Aww... Later today the boys will be departing the household... Santtu will go to live in Jyväskylä with Anja and company and Loki with Laura and Anja, stays in Varkaus. :)

If I'm lucky, I get to keep Minttu here with me just a few days longer... These kittens have been the best there ever could be... :)


Sigh, soon it's time... January 1st 2013 the boys will be leaving to their new homes. How did this time go so fast!?

Everyone are way over 1,5kg, under that I wouldn't have let them go. Santtu is 1,7kg+, Loki 1,6kg+ nad Minttu 1,6kg- (a bit less). They play so much, all day everyday, it's so lovely to be able to hear the purring of a young cat. The boys love to be petted. Santtu especially would never get enough attention. Even Loki have learned to run to me when is in need of attention. ^^ I'm so going to miss these...

Next week I'll know when Minttu is leaving, she's going so far, SO FAR. :( But the most important thing is a good home.


It's again been a while since I last updated the page, but everyone is doing well! Santtu is almost 1,5 kilos, or might be 1,5 kilos this evening in weighing. So, so cheery kittens. I've fallen so baadly for these, it's going to break my heart when I must let these go.

Vaccinating and chipping went so easily! I think I got somewhat traumatized with Miinas chipping, because that was the hardest there could ever be, but these little fellows were more bothered about the vaccination to the thigh than the chip to the neck! So courageous kittens...


Today I reserved the second vaccination, the day is December 18th, at the same time they'll get microchips.

They grow so quickly! Santtu is soon 1,3 kilos and the other two a bit over 1,2 kilos. :) They are so playful, they have taken over my heart, completely! I've only got 3 more weeks with these babys...


So! Now we've got a home for Minttu. :) I still have 5 more weeks with these little ones...


Tomorrow there are people coming to look Minttu! :) We'll see, if she conquers their hearts or not. ;)

The house got so quiet since Miina left, but atleast the smaller kittens are now able to play better because the big kitty is not roaming over them.


I got the pedigrees for the kittens today. :) Tomorrow is the time for their first vaccination, we also get a doctors word for the recovery of Santtus chest, there isn't any clear signs of the flatness anymore.

There is a family coming to look Minttu in the end of this month! Wonder if she'd get a forever home. ^^


Kittens are in the middle of their first deworming, they just hate the taste of the stuff I'm giving to them.

Loki has started to gain weight properly; he started finally eating solid foods, minced meat is now his number 1 food! For few days he was on the bottom in weights, but within few days, with fresh appetite and new tastes he is once again on the top of the list!


It's been a while... Time so flys when you're playing and feeding these little ones. :)

Loki is the only one of the kittens that is not eating solid food, the only thing he is willing to eat is mommys milk. I've tried so much different things, but nooo... :I Stupid boy...

Minttu is still looking for her home, I just can't put my mind on the fact why or how, she's SO beautiful, she has so much similiar look with Pörrö. ^^ And as we all know, Pörrö, of course, is the most beautiful girl in the world. ;)


Whew. It's been rough few days again, kittens are already running everywhere and slowly but surely they are starting to eat solid foods; last night Santtu was the first one to taste dry food, wet food isn't interesting in anyones mind.

I removed Santtu's vest few days ago; his chest is formed beautifully! Though there is still difference between the cest of the non-flat kittens.

But it's not been all positive and sunshine, I'm feeling that our kitten Loki has some bacterial infektion and is not gaining weight. He's dropping weight between lunches and I have to feed him 3-4 times a day. If he's not getting better after a short medial treatment, we have to take him to the vet. At the same time we would get vets opinion about the developement of Santtus chest.



Yesterday I moved the kittens to biger playground; they got a spot on a livinrooms floor and are now able to move better, and they have already enjoyed it, Pörrö also is a big fan of this. :)

They grow so fast... And are already 3 weeks tomorrow! Where does the time slip this fast?

I noted that Miina has started to "play" with these kittens, she just has so rough games already when the playmate is so much younger.. :/ But she learns, I have to scold her from playing so hard, so she learns.


Today we went to see a vet, to see if my hunches were correct, and as I was thinkin, Santtu has a slightly flat chest, and I'm doing all I can to correct it. As the internet suggests me to do and what my vet said I should do. :)

I'm going to monitor his well-being, but since it's so slight case, there are great possibilities that he will grow to be just normal, so no vet could ever see it even was like that. I've begun to know lots of kitties that were flat chested and all, but now after a longer time period, they are all okay and well. Healthy! Santtu has been wearing that vest of his for about 4 days straight now, and even after so short of a time, his chest is growing like it should be. :)


It's been long since I last wrote. Kittens have been growing lovely, those bony long bodies are now so round and they're getting around. :) Two of the kittens are mitteds, one colourpoint. The girl is a mitted.

I've been planning about fostering the colourpoint boy, but I'm worried about his health, something with his bone developement... While waiting for facts...


It's been so rough couple of days. Oh gosh... Pörrö started her labor yesterday, around 11 am and pushed out one stillborn kitten. He was born rear first and weighed only 64 grams. After this, Pörrö pushed out a miscarriage, about 5 cm long fetus and stopped the delivering there.

I still was able to feel atleast 2 kittens moving clearly and I was about to call to the vet or not. I decided not to call yet, for Pörrö was continuing to live her life with no signs of the labor, I gave her one day.

It was a long night. Very long night. I didn't sleep much because I just kept wishing from all my heart that she starts the labor by herself. But she didn't. So I called to the vet the first thing in the morning and told there that we might need some help.

We got first hormone pin to help starting the labor, it was around 12 pm and we got to go home for an hour. Because nothing happened at home we had to return back to the vet and got another set of oxytocin after 1 pm and third set around 2 pm... Just before 3 pm we made a decicion to do a C-sektion for safe delivering. At 3:25 pm we got 3 tiny, wet things to dry up. Somewhat 30 mins later we got Pörrö back and now she's taking good care of her little ones. I think she is a bit sore after the sektion, but otherwisely everything is just fine. She's so tired, but feels well.


What has happened