So this is how you can contact me

I am one of those persons that is never busy, so you can easily contact me at any time of a day. No matter how late or early it is. :)

I also get e-mail everytime that someone writes into my guestbook, and I have this very bad habit of checking my e-mails over and over again. Mutliple times a day, to be exact. :)

You can reach me by mobile as well, either with WhatsApp, Telegram or text message (even calling, but I favour text based contacts). Mostly I try to focus contacts on e-mail.:)

I aim to answer to you within 24 hours of receiving the message.

Our page is quite active on Facebook as well! You're most welcome to come see us there!

Remember to change ~at~ to @ in my e-mail address. :)

Page updated on April 8th 2021