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Darkies 10th

After the 9.2 litter, memories and horror images reared their heads when I was planning this litter, and to be honest, I didn't even want to mate Didi. However, I thought that if I take a long break, it may very well happen that Darkie's kittens will never be born again. On top of everything, Didi is already getting 'old' for the first litter, the contract is nearing its end, but the foster home has been the most flexible and understanding in the face of the difficulties of the previous litter.

Didi's first, and possibly the only set of kittens will be born to Satinante's stud Foxi. Their date was a success and they had their fun on March 4th and 5th, kittens due date would be May 6th 2023.

Exceptionally, due to Didi's illnesses, Didi was ultrasounded in the 3rd week of pregnancy and 5-6 embryos were found in the uterus. Let's wait and see how many are born. ❤️

FI*Darkie's Color and gender Status
"Red" bluetabby colorpoint/ ♂ Available, kink in tail
"Green" blue colorpoint / ♂ Under observation
"Rölli" blue bicolor (tabby?) / ♂ Under observation
"Green-red" blue bicolor (tabby?) / ♂ Under observation
"2x red" blue bicolor (tabby?) / ♀ Under observation
"2x green" blue colorpoint / ♂ Available, kink in tail

Mated during 4.-5.3.2023


FI*Darkie's Dokujibara no tsubomi, "Melodia" (RAG a 21) x FI*Satinante's Blues Brother Jake Zagreus, "Foxi" (RAG a 03)

Parents pedigrees (inbreeding 0,217% in 10th generation)


The blue shades are surprisingly difficult to interpret ^^' There are either several tabbies or just one, Didi's silver is strongly inherited in the entire litter, so I can't even use their tales as a hint! Even the clearly patternless colorpoint has a striped tail. :D

It's exciting to have only blue babies in the nest, even more exciting is that there really isn't any mitteds in the litter! It's genetically impossible.


The gender distribution seems to be 5 males and 1 female, the pattern distribution seems to be 3 colorpoints and 3 bicolors, I haven't been sure about the tabby pattern yet. :) Overall I've had so few blue kittens in the nest that it's interesting to observe how different they are when compared to the seal babies. Of course, compared to Nala's litter, this group already has buckets of color!

Two of the boys (both colorpoints) are definitely pet-level, both have a vertebral defect (kink) in their tail, and one of the boys seems to have a possibly slight underbite. I've never had a kitten with teeth issues in previous litters, one kitten from previous litters (Santtu from the third litter) managed to develop a slight underbite during the teeth change, but other than that I have no experience in the matter. We'll monitor him and the situation and hope that the underbite will remain mild or, at best, that the lenght of the jaws will stabilize over time!

Didi is a phenomenal mother - she's taking proper care of the kitten's needs with ease and after the initial excitement she's noticed how nice it is to lay with the kittens. She's super trusting girl and she lets us handle the kittens without attempting to tear them from our hands during any treatment procedure.

Still on Friday and even on Saturday I served suppliment milk for those who wanted it, the whole litter drank the formula with excitement in the beginning, but after Didi's milk rose up the babies just spat the supplement out and wanted the Real Deal. They are gaining mass properly and are all getting cubby. It feels nice to just be able to observe the babies fussing and actions from the edge of the nest.


Half an hour after midnight, Didi, according to the nest camera, started her labor. I had just fallen asleep about 15 minutes earlier and my partner woke up to the first kittens meep at around 01:20 am. Didi did an incredible job as a first-time mother and this old!

In the litter, possibly five males and one female, I'll check the genders a couple of times as time goes on, after I've gotten some sleep. ^^' The size range is good, the kittens are all lively, happy and big - the smallest two 91 grams, 93g, 109g, 117g and 118g.

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