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Darkie's First

Pörrös first litter was orginated in May, she spent 18 hours with male, who stepped succesfully in 5. and 6.5.2011, and its due date was, by the calender from Kissaliitto 9th July 2011, labor started at 3:30 am 9th July.

Mirre, Nuutti, Ada, Nanna, Junior

FI*Darkie's... Color and gender Status
Kiiroi Himawari, "Nuutti" seal bicolor / ♂ Sold
Murasaki Kiku, "Mirre" seal mitted / ♂ Sold
Midori Bara, "Ada" seal mitted / ♀ Sold
Shiroi Sakura, "Nanna" seal bicolor / ♀ Stayed at home
Akai Yuri, "Juniori" seal mitted / ♂ Stayed at home


Pörrö ja Ukko

Mayapaw's Popol Vuh (RAG n 04) x Dollyblues The One and Only (RAG a 03, mhw)

Pedigrees of parents (inbreeding is 6,25% in the 4th generation)

Final weight in for kittens that left; (also those who stayed in these)


Phew. So the time passes by. I can easily remember how I made this little page to be my kitten diary. And now... They're all grown and tomorrow all that has been sold, are gone. I am so lucky to get to keep two of these.

So...This was all here. :) Nuutti left the house with weight of 1909 grams, Ada had 1689 grams. I'm going to add Mirre here after tomorrow when he's gone. Thank you all for following our first litter grow. :)


Hm, the last week with these kittens has started. I've started to feel a bit sad lately. It's not going to be nonstop rally from day to night and from night to day, I think it settles when three of them leaves. :)

I haven't been so direct with the weight gain in few weeks. They are more or less over 1500 grams, actually, I think there is only one below 1600 grams. :)

Ada and Nuutti are starting their new life October 8th, one day before the show, so they don't have to be alone in here without food for long period, and besides, now new owners can get used to their new kitten before the week starts. Mirre leaves on monday October 10th! All three are going to make their own familys so happy.. :)


I've heard a lot of purring today, Ada and Mirre are lovin and gentle lil' ones. :) They have way too much speed and energy, they settle for part of night, but usually by the morning they're at it again and we end up waking up by massive jump from our bodys, both Pörrö and kittens does this, Pörrö weights 3,7 kilos, so it's not a little bounce.

At this point seems like Ada and Mirre will move to their new home October 8th, Mirre is with us in the cat show October 9th, so he'll move in the beginning of the next week. Atleast they are all going to be over 1,5 kilos when I'm selling them; Nuutti weights over 1600 grams, even Junior is over 1500 grams... :) My little Junior is not so junior anymore, he is growing up to be one very handsome cat.


They are getting bigger and bigger, soon it's time to let them go. It's kind of funny, how much they're eating. No matter how often we go to grocery stores, pork still runs out in an incredible time, because soon after we come home, we often can say; "We're out of porkshreds!".

Nuutti crossed 1500 grams few days ago, Junior isn't far behind. The rest three of them eats and won't eat, bouncing with weights and sometimes they need assisting with eating. :)

Oh how I miss the mornings when you just could sleep and didn't wake due sharp teeths and nails that are biting into your calf...


Sigh, it's been rough last weekend and the beginning of this week. First Nanna drops 80 grams of her weight and after I get some back to her, he loses 50 grams... And then I catch the flu. Has been a lot of panic, crying and desperation.

Nanna had misbalance with microbs in her intestines and it became sore. Because of this, she stopped eating, lost weight and were tired. First I though she just decided that the food isn't appropriate for her all of sudden, but after she lost the 50 grams next day I got really worried and started to panic. I just were angy with myself and hold her near.

I didn't sleep for 23 hours, just fed her, quickly went to school and then to veterinarian, after I called for all vets that were on call at midnight, called with tears in my eyes and shivering little kitten on my laps... For the next day (monday, September 5th) I had reserved vet earlier for vaccinates, so there we went. Vet felt and turned and looked and listened and then she told me that most likely it's sore intestines and after it we went to get some meds from Pharmacy. We, myself and my partner, were so relieved. For the next days weight Nanna had got 85 grams! After this I just felt how the stress released its hold and to be safe, I gave the treatment for the rest of kittens and for Pörrö too (twice a day for three days), so we could pre-empt this for happening to rest of the litter. Medicine isn't harmfull for any of them, it just eases the work of intestines even when it works without a problem. :)

Nanna is now all better, now all I want is myself to get healthy, then I'd be satisfied.


Two of the kittens have crossed the checkpoint of one kilo, without any surprises Ada is one of these two and Nuutti is the other, at first. He's eating more and faster than I'm able to give him food. He is also so very tall, clearly taller than the rest of them. They are already 8 weeks old and first vaccinating is due to happen on monday, September 5th. :)


Going to school starts to feel, I'm getting more and more tired without doing anything, also the fact that days are getting shorter makes this happen. But only in me, kittens doesn't seem to mind that there isn't as much of daylight as there were few weeks ago.

Nuutti went over 900 grams already, and the rest are over 800 grams too. And yes, now Nuutti holds the 1st place in weight gain, he's going to grow up to be so huge. I can't imagine how big they've gotten when it's time to give them away...

We've signed Junior, Mirre and Nanna to Jyväskylä's show October 9th, all are welcome to see how the little ones are doing!


Future family of Mirre visited us again today, he gave them a good show. Good video materials and hints of future. He was after "the aliens".

All of kittens weights over 700 grams, phew... They just grow so fast! I just browsed some photos that was taken 4 weeks ago, I didn't even remember they were so small! They're all so active and feline! It's just how the time passes by...

Junior keeps on charming me, everyday I fall for him, more and more, we connected, if you can say it like this, and now I just can't think of selling him... Time will show how this turns out.


The family that is going to buy Nuutti, visited us again today. All the rest of the kittens were out in the open, playing and showing themselves, Nuutti just stand there hiding and wondered the family that were there admiring him.

I'm going to reserve them their first vet appointment the week after next one, as soon as papers are here. Deworming is going to happen soon too! They just grow way too fast...


I seriously should stop updating at night time, I need more sleep that I am getting now... But I can't help it, I'm a night time person.

Ada got reserved today, so the only one that is still available is Junior. I would so like to keep him... He just melted my heart. I think today was the first day that any of the kittens got "war injuries", Ada has something in her eye, it's little red at the moment, I think that plays are getting rougher, or maybe it's just some dust that got into her eye. She doesn't mind at all. :D


Phew. All kittens have crossed the milestone of 500 grams! They are very active as well. All very social. :)


There were a family to see if they are going to buy Nuutti, they totally fell in love with his unique face. :) I'll get to know on Monday if they're going to reserve him or not.

Solid food is going down easily, no need to tell twice. Three of five (Nuutti, Nanna, Junior) are eating on their own, not from a hand anymore. :) Mirre (Ukkeli) and Ada on the other hand seem to think that solid food isn't safe or something and won't eat without giving from a hand. Apetite is growing and Ada went over 500g!


Family came to see the kittens today and reserved Ukkeli, so two down, three to go. Anxiously waiting them to grow. :) I served solid food yesterday for the first time and Nanna and Junior were eager to eat, well, Nanna tried, she chew more the plate than the food.


Kittens are growing teeths quickly, canines are showing well and other are just glowing white in the mouth, still hiding. They just grow so fast! Next weekend they get their first solid foods. :)


I think yesterday were the first (and hopefully last) day during the first litter, that no one else but Junior got weight, and he got only little too. It was sooo hot and my brother visited us here in Varkaus. Pörrö was unable to lay in the nest without panting and five kittens glow hot around her. I can understand why she wasn't too willing to stay there. At least their weights didn't drop, but stayed still. Ada gets food from somewhere that I have no idea of, she crossed the line of 400g's.

They grow so quickly... Last week they still opened theyr eyes and now they just keep walking and learning. They have started to play with each others and the will to run is huge. They try to run but keep on falling. :) At this point looks like Nanna is the one that is going to stay with us, but we'll see.


Phew, heatwave striked again and you can see it from kittens and Pörrö. Weight isn't raising so much to others as it's raising on Junior because of extra feeding. Pörrö really can't nor want to lay with five warm kittens, doesn't drink that well either, I need to keep eye on her... I think we should move to our basement, it's only 15'C-20'C in there. :)

There is few familys coming to see kittens when at the beginning of August, we shall see if the spark of love and enthusiasm is created when face to face with kittens. I would so much like to keep Nuutti, Nanna and Ada. Also I keep growing feelings for Junior everyday... We should also handle Ukkeli some more so he'd be familiar with handling. I sent some e-mails to Nannas potentional buyer and remembered that I haven't really been with her, I've just been mostly with Junior and Nuutti, but now that I lift her up to be on my laps while I did random things (don't ask me what, can't remember) and I've handled her more, she isn't that anxious and is getting comfortable. :) Oh! And Junior weights already 260 grams, only 18 grams to go to reach the next smallest.


The last kitten has started to open his eyes, he's the last one with closed eyes. It's kind of funny, how they started to open their eyes. Youngest started and two days (almost three) later the second youngest started, after her, it's been one after other, going the opposite direction from birth. Juniori is showing his points already, seems like Pörrö is giving her little socks to him... :D

First kittens crossed the line of 250 grams yesterday, and even Junior is now over 200 grams! I'm starting to think he's going to grow up to be a cat after all this. Now that their eyes are open, the world looks so exciting that they really don't seem to be able to calm down! Their nature is also showing up, I'm able to somehow see how much they have temper and such. At this point three of them are very rags, they don't care how you handle them, no matter how much you turn them around, they're all fine. It's fun to get some attention and is fun to be on your laps too.


"Vihreä" (green) kitten started to open his other eye today, we also figured out nicknames for rest of kittens today. :)

At this moment, biggest kitten is "Punavihreä" (red'n'green) with night weight of 222 grams and the second smallest is "Punainen" (red) with night weight of 201 grams. "Vihreä" (green) comes from far behind, but gains weight still, his night weight was 179 grams. Baby steps... Literally.


"Green" kitten has opened his left eye! He is gaining weight too, slowly, way too slowly, he's almost 60 grams behind of the biggest kitten... Continuing with extra feeding. I hope that after they have moved to solid food, he starts to gain weight. If not, it's just that he will be with me longer than others. At least to 1,5kgs.


Sigh, one more day extra feeding behind. I should be feeding pork to Pörrö with two hands, and also I'd need other two arms to milk for "Vihreä" (green) out of Pörrös teats, he won't eat from anywhere else and can't compete with other kitts so he wouldn't grow at all. Again this night... I can't wait... I'm so glad my other half starts his vacation soon, I think then I can get some sleep myself.


Extra feeding helps. Smallest kitten is "already" 118grams, girls are still biggest with weight of 145grams both. I'm going to continue extra feeding over the night... It's going to be one hell of a long night.


All five kittens weights now over 100grams, today I also confirmed that there is 3 males and two females. If I'd count the one that died, it would've been 4 boys. At this point, the two girls are biggest, a bit over 120grams both!

I've had to feed all three boys some extra because they are not growing as fast as they are supposed to. I'll continue doing this atleast for this week, maybe the next too. I found out that Pörrö LOVES the babycatmilk I'm feeding to boys, so I started to give her some too, after all, it helps her milk production. :)


We got our first kitten last night! Labor started at 3:30 am. Pörrö gave birth to 6 kittens, allthough one came out dead, he was only 60 grams. So far it looks like we've got 3 girls and 2 boys.

At 5 or 6 am when last kitten came out, after one hour break, we had very happy and tired mom, mother of 5 beautiful kittens! Tiikeri wasn't there to support her, she just... hassled. But we've got time! (it's been forever since Tiikeri last saw kittens.)



Day 63. Oh come on!! Get out already!


Today is the 60th day that's she has been pregnant. No signs of labor yer, her tummy is tight and up, food goes well and now that it's a bit cooler than before, she's much better. Plays some and rests, mostly.

Pic of Pörrö from yesterday. :)

Pörrö tummy


Today as I was feeding Pörrö, I felt her tummy and felt strong movement on her left side, as I studied more with gentle touch I managed to percieve one kitten, most likely it was her back and I felt it from neck to tail, without of course knowing which end is which. Pörrö is feeling heavy, it's almost +30'C outside so she spends most of her time under our coathanger where is no sun and it is coolest place in our house. I managed to feel 4 different kittens, so how many is there?! Oh my god this waiting is killing me!

This has happened previously

Because I started writing this so late, I'll write you some small details of what has happened during Pörrös first pregnancy.

Her startup weight was 3290g and she had some morningsickness which caused her weight to drop after reaching 3390g.