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Darkie's Eighth

Haiku's first litter has been planned with Ruusu's son Ukko-Kaleva. :)

There were succesful matings between July 26th and 28th and at this point it looks like the litter would be due on around September 28th. :)

FI*Darkie's Sex and gender Status
Renku "Ariel" cremetabby mitted/ ♀ Reserved
Haikai "Nala" lilactortietabby mitted / ♀ Under evaluation
"Mini" chocolate tortie? / ♀ Passed on Oct 6th
R.I.P. Passed away after birth
Hokku "Escanor" redtabby bicolor / ♂ Reserved
Chouka "Kirito" bluetabby mitted / ♂ Reserved

From the combination of...


CH*Trycoline's Paige Angely, "Haiku" (RAG g 04 21) x FI*Darkie's Ryuusabara no tsubomi, "Ukko-Kaleva" (RAG d 04 21)

Pedigrees of the parents (inbreeding 0.524% in 10th generation)


The remaining 4 kittens are growing well. Girls are already over 300 grams and the boys just a bit less than 300 grams. Everyone has started to open their eyes, Kirito (green/red) opened his eyes first and has now observed the world for a while already.

The boys got reserved today, and are going to live in the same apartment. It's always fantastic to get babies from the same litter to live in the same home because they will grow to be so close with one another. ^^ With girl I'm just wondering if I should try to get the red girl as an option to live somewhere, because it's not so easy to get red girls... Man! So much potential! So many options!


I feel like it was a bad luck to say that Mini is doing better... I tube fed her a bit less than 3 ml of milk at 7 pm, and she climbed on Haiku and started suckling herself, just like she always did after feeding, and started fighting against her siblings.

I was happy to leave her with ther mother and returned at 11 pm to weigh her again to see if she'd need more feeding. I came across lethargic and silent kitten who was just laying separate from others with her belly as a tight balloon.

I got her to poo after stimulating, her feces were solid (too solid, I think?) and she moved, but was not interested in her mother. This is where we started to go downhill. Fast.

The kitten had cooled off so suddenly, she was almost cold so I started heating her the best I could. How on earth did all change so suddenly? Just as I thought she was progressing and getting better, she started to throw up milk that looked like butter.

At 4:38 am she drew her last breath and I lost my bearings completely. :'( :'(

I can't understand and I keep feeling I did something wrong... During night I took Mini to Viikki to Ruokavirasto (past Evira) to get a necropsy so I can get some response to my questions. Have a pleasant journey, Mini. 28.9.-6.10.2020..


I've tried to cut out some of the tube feeding from "Mini". I am trying to see if she's strong and willful enough to push aside her a lot bigger siblings. The other girls are already over 200 grams, boys almost 200 grams and Mini is at 140 grams, but has more will than in a small town. She's been keeping the extra feeding.... interesting.

Still somewhat hard to say anything about the colors in this litter! I don't think there is anyone seal in the litter, but one blue, one chocotortie (?), one lilac (?) and two that are either red or cream, one of these a girl! It's going to be interesting to see the colors develop... :)


Haiku started giving birth during the night between Monday-Tuesday! :) My extra midwives were more or less asleep when Haiku started having contractions, just had to get up and move to bedroom to help the kittens! Haiku gave birth to 6 live kittens, 4th born baby soon passed away as she was too weak for this life. I tried my best rescucitating the kitten, but with no help. We were left with 3 females and 2 males, the deceased one was onlt 86 grams at birth and the rest between 94-114 grams.

"Red" kitten is quite small and feels weak. I've now taken the litter to see a vet twice, once to see her weird navel and second time to get a drop of antibiotics (precisely 1/10th of a drop) and fluids under her skin. I now must learn how to tube feed her right to her stomach, as she's extremely picky about teats and will strongly decline supplement milk. She just needs to grow. I am hoping I won't lose more kittens...

What has happened so far