Trycoline's Paige Angely - Haiku

Haiku is a bluetortietabby mitted, RAG g 04 21.

She was born on 6.7.2019 and she's my 3rd import, this time from Switzerland.

Haiku's hind socks are a bit here and there, so it is highly unlikely that I'd take her to exhibitions more than once/twice.

Her pedigree is available here. (PawPeds)

There's no ES*Patriarca Gucci on her pedigree.

My initial thought was to find her a fosterhome, but this was kinda no-no to her breeder (whereas I don't like the buy-use-sell tactic), so I'll keep her after her 2 week quarantine she'll come to live with me and leave after some babies. :) This is why I had to change her petname from Paige to Haiku.


Tests and weight


Oxalys Aux Joyaux Bleus, RAG g 04 21 x GIC Trycoline's Brooklyn, RAG c 04

Joyaux & Brooklyn