PR FI*Darkie's Kireina Koutei - Kinder

Kireina Koutei ( きれいな 皇帝 ) means Beautiful emperor.


RAG n 04, seal mitted, male. Will be fostered, reserved.

Weight when born; 86 g.

Our little mystery of sexes and a tiny swimmer. :) Before she opened her eyes, she was always screaming, didn't like to be lifted at all... But after she opened her eyes she's been enjoying the warmth of lap and lays however she pleases while purrin.

With a swimmer I mean "swimming kitten syndrome", where the kitten sways with it's legs to the sides, with this kitten only with her front legs. Since I started her fysiotheraphy early, so as she opened her eyes, she almost always knew how to put her legs under her. :)

As she started to run, there were no sign of the problem. She's climbing like her sisters, if not even better. :)