Darkie's Daikokuten - Ruusu

Ruusu is a sealtortietabby mitted, RAG f 04 21.

Ruusu was born on 1.4.2017 and is from our first tortie litter.

It's such a shame I can't put it directly into words that Ruusu is developing the worst possible missmark that there is for a mitted, it's like a bicolor pattern on her face. This rules out all the catshows for her... But since her character and built is the best I've had born to this dare she will stay within the breeding program!!

You can see Ruusu's pedigree here. (PawPeds)

Patriarca Gucci isn't present on her pedigree.

Ruusu is top of the class in our sixth -litter, and my choise at birth. I tried to search for a fosterhome for her for months, with or without her sister Muusa, but this never took.

The bond between me and Ruusu managed to develop to amazing strenght, even as I truly tried to avoid building any strong connection with the girls - afterall the original plan was to find homes for them both. Ruusu seemed to disagree with my desicion strongly and everytime I visited them at my mother's place where they were growin, she just sprinted to me. During her first heat she started to pee everywhere in such extent that I had to either deal with her myself or take her to be neutered... Since there really isn't much material I can work with, I really don't want to give up something this good. So I decided to begin the circus again in my household - I am separating cats behind webbed door when it's necessary.

Ruusu just kind of slipped into the pack and didn't really show any signs of missing back. So maybe this was meant to be?


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Mother to litters

Ruusu stretching

Showpose, 7 months


CH Ryoko edle von den Lichtalben, n 04 x GIC Kin edler von den Lichtalben, RAG e 21

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