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Darkie's 7.2

The litter is called 7.2 since the first pairing to 7th litter wasn't successful...

On their second date they were a lot more successful than on their first attempt! She gave in real fast and after few knockdowns they both found their positions. As I know of, there were multiple matings and she should give birth around July 19th. :)

Unfortunately the first attempt didn't take, but we will try again. :)

The litter was born on July 18th after what felt so long and hard pregnancy, especially in the end. But the amount of kittens is incredible! 9 kittens, of which 6 seems to be girls and 3 boys. :)

Quite the grumpy cat Ruusu tried her luck with calm Nutu. Nutu's tiring tactic was successful, and after almost 2 whole days the stud got to mate her! It's for sure that there was a successful mating on March 11th, there might've veen more without me noticing. Most of the attempts end up by one of them falling on his or her side. :D

If their fun beared fruit, Ruusu's due date is on May 15t 2019

FI*Darkie's ... bara no tsubomi Color and gender Status
Ryuusa "Kaleva" redtabby mitted / ♂ Reserved
Dokuji "Melodia" bluetabby colorpoint / ♀ Reserved/To fosterhome
Mikoto "Siru" bluetortietabby mitted / ♀ Reserved
Kenshin "Luna" bluetabby colorpoint / ♀ Reserved
Shizuku "Lumo" sealtabby mitted / ♀ Reserved
Kasaku "Savu" blue colorpoint / ♀ Reserved
Niji "Baloo" redtabby colorpoint / ♂ Reserved
Miyabi "Cecilia" sealtortie mitted / ♀ Reserved
Seigyoku "Cosmo" bluetabby mitted / ♂ Reserved

Combination of


FI*Darkie's Daikokuten, "Ruusu" (RAG f 04 21) x IC Mokotuvan Nutukka Utuinen, "Nutu" (RAG c)

Parents pedigrees (inbreeding 0,340% in 10th generation)

Final weights;


And so we're through with the kittenhood. My own wellbeing was truly tested with this litter, and I had to leave some things for minimal attention, because as ever, the most important things were the kittens. :)

I try to put some highlights down here, but even updating Facebook was slow and not on any schedule as seasonal affected disorder was added onto my already existing depression. It was tough, but I pulled through. The kittens left the household - Cecilia on November 11th and the peace has ascended to my home again.

What happened in the past 2 months;


Finally today I paid for the registration of the kittens and by a coincidence the last of the kittens got reserved. I've reserved this week to myself (and cats), whereas last week I had guests for every day of the week. Now I'm relaxing a bit, sometimes you've got to sleep off some. :)

I made up personal pages for all of the kittens, since they finally got their names.

The owner of Nutu selected Savu, and after quite lengthy discussion I said ok to selling Cecilia to France to La Perle Des Anges cattery as a breeding female. Now I understand why back in 2013 Kin's breeder was teary when we departed on the airport... As Savu continues after her father, Luna was reserved as a pet.

So all the kittens are reserved, unless something catastrophic happens. :)

These kittens are HUGE! Kaleva crossed 1kg milestone at 6 weeks old, Baloo followed few days after and so did Cosmo. Luna and Melodia have fallen behind other sisters, they are way too busy being kittens to eat properly...

Weights of the kittens on 9.9.2019;

7 weeks


Phew, it's been kinda hectic lately! With a litter this big it feels like my door is continously opening. :)

The kittens went through a diarrhea and inflammation of the large intestine because the mother got sudden unbalance in her hormones. I got some Provera-pills for Ruusu to stable her hormones and 6/9 that got sick was treated with Tylosine and Inupekt. Provera proved out to be a miracle pill, because after just one dose Ruusu's milk production normalized from sticky-gooy to normal liquid.

I wrote more about the situation to Facebook.

Boys have been reserved for quite some time, but now also Siru and Melodia are reserved! I'm so happy to have found a proper fosterhome for Melodia this early on! I can't but wonder what ever was going on during 2017, when I didn't get requests. Alisa is now tentatively reserved and Luna and Savu are still under evaluation (possibly one is going to Utuinen-Cattery!) and Cecilia is looking for a home with show-interests. ^_^


On Wednesday we started with the solid foods! :) Little by little they get more and more excited with the idea of eating meat, but so far they like to nibble on litter as well... They are not familiar with litterbox yet, but hopefully soon they get the idea. ^_^

These kittens are so huge! Few have crossed over 500 grams already! I also saw the patterns on the red boys, Kaleva being mitted and Baloo colorpoint - which is nice, since they are both going to attend to shows. :)


I was gone between 1st and 4th of August, and their caretaker came to live into my apartment during my absence. Unfortunately we didn't avoid troubles, as Alisa (seatabby mitted) was not feeling well on Saturday the 3rd. She didn't eat from mommy or from the syringe, se had lost quite a bit of weight and was tired... And she had a fever.

She went to a vet and got antibiotics (Synulox) to her diarrea and was much more lively during the night. :) Now on Monday she's gotten 3/10 of her doses (twice a day for 5 days) and is eating with great appetite from mom and from syringe! I am really grateful that the caretaker knew to call me even as I was away. :)

My choice as keeper is Melodia, but unfortunately she can't stay at home and grow, but needs a fosterhome. All the boys are just about reserved and I hope I can soon open the girls for reservation as well. ^^


Phew, it's been tight almost two weeks as I've been feeding the kittens with practically no sleep. Ruusu has plenty of milk, but there are just so many kittens! The first opened her eyes at the age of 2 days, but now as we're closing in to 2 weeks, most of them have their eyes open or soon opening. ^_^

2 of the boys are cream or red, no idea of patterns, third boy is bluetabby mitted. Most of the girls are blue, 2 are certainly torties, don't know if more of the kitties will turn out to be torties later. :) It is possible that there's just 2 torties.

Last night first of the kittens crossed 300 grams. ♥ The kittens were born so huge so we're not reaching our goals, but at least they are growing every day... :)


Yesterday the litter was born! 9 incredible kittens! 3 boys and looks like 6 girls. Insane! The last week of pregnancy was super hard on Ruusu and the last few days she didn't eat one bit. She was just weary and tired and hot, I forcefed her some so she wouldn't starve. Now I don't wonder why...

9 big kittens! 96 grams was the tiniest and 124 grams was the biggest, so not a runt litter!

All kittens have such a beautiful features! Lovely long bodies and the mother is superb. Can't wait to see the kittens grow. ^_^

7.2 litter

What has happened so far