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Darkie's Sixth

Ryoko's second litter will be with Kin. :)

Successful matings have been done on 27.1. and she would be due on 2.4.!

The litter was born on April 1st, which lightened up my day since I don't care for April's Fools Day. She delivered huge bunch again! 7 kittens, and seems that 4 girls and 3 boys. :)

FI*Darkie's... Color and sex Status
Bishamonten "Jätkä" sealtabby mitted / ♂ Reserved
Benzaiten "Muusa" bluetortie mitted / ♀ Looking for a fosterhome!
Fukurokuju "Lilja" bluetortietabby colourpoint / ♀ Reserved
Juroujin "Mutka" bluetabby mitted / ♂ Reserved (twisted tail)
Daikokuten "Ruusu" sealtortietabby mitted / ♀ Looking for a fosterhome!
Hotei "Remi" bluetortie colourpoint / ♀ Reserved, kinked tail
Ebisu "Fenris" sealtabby mitted / ♂ Reserved

Combination of

Ryoko & Kin

Ryoko edle von den Lichtalben x Kin edler von den Lichtalben

Parent's pedigrees (inbreeding 4,64% in 10th generation)

Final weights;

I'm looking for fosterhome/s for Ruusu and Muusa! If you're interested, please contact me? :)

Fostering is still timely even as the kittens are just ready to leave. :)


I've been so busy and tired lately, that I just hadn't had it in me to update! Remi, Mutka and Lilja left on Saturday 8th of July, I took Lilja to her new home and forgot my scale home, so there's no official final weight for her.

I took Fenris and Jätkä to Turku on 10th and spent the whole day on the road. This is why I couldn't weigh Muusa and Ruusu, it just was too late to get sensible reading. :)

Girls are moving to my mothers place, but are still looking for fosterhomes!


Babies have been vaccinated, chippend and neutered!

Guys really don't have much to go by anymore, just a tiny scab. All testicles were descented, no one had hernia and all surgeries went fine. :)

Remi's uterus was big and "bloody", that meant it was fairly developed. The vet stated that it looked like her first heat would be at hand at any given time. This is giving us some hint of how strongly hormone infested Ryoko's milk has been! It's a terrible idea to think that a tiny baby like Remi would've gotten her heat at any given day... Lilja's uterus was normal, like it should be on a young and tiny girl.

I had to dress Remi to a sock to prevent her from constantly cleaning her wound, and she's worn it with bride! Her wound is a bit bigger than what it is on Lilja, and there is more fluids and tissue there, but other than that they have been healing wonderfully. :)

Jätkä and Remi still had their murmur, but they still thought that it was just the puppy murmur... Naturally I wish this to vanish with time, I've never had murmur on my other kittens. :(

On Saturday Lilja, Mutka and Remi will be leaving to their forever homes - on Monday I'll take Fenris and Jätkä to Turku.

The girls Muusa and Ruusu are staying with me a bit longer before they are going to continue their fosterhome search in Espoo with my mother! So they're still on reservable list.

Ruusu ja Muusa

Pentue 13 vk


I am ashamed of how little I've managed to update recently! I've been crazy busy with the kittens and to add Ryoko's heat to that... This circus is on full gear!

After I ran out of pills, well even before the pills ended, Ryoko started developing heat so severely that the studs are losing their minds. When the heat really started, they've torn a hole into the net door (fixed) and kittens managed to go eat Aatu's food (I was gone for the weekend) and that then managed to mess with their tummies. Oh boy..

Ruusu and Fenris have both crossed 2 kg mileston!! :) Jätkä is just some grams under 2 kilos! Even Muusa is just about 1,7 kilos. They are growing in rather similar rate than the last litter, even though they all seem to have Kin's sensitive stomach which I really hoped they didn't... But atleast they are all eating dry food and wet food. They all would really love to eat raw food, but it just turns their tummies upside down.

Tomorrow we're having a vet day (or on this date, on 4th, but it's still night) and we're taking x-ray of Mutka's tail, castrating Mutka and fenris, sterilising Lilja and Remi and they all get their second vaccine and microchips. :) After this we're licking our wounds for a while and on weekend I am supposed to let the babies fly out of the nest. ;_;

I'm takin Fenris and Jätkä to Turku on Monday.


The kittens are already 11 weeks! It feels like time is running extra fast with this litter! I'm completely certain that time has gone slower with previous litters! I know it has!

I'm again far behind with updates, feels that my weeks are filled with activities and when I finally get enough time to rest a bit, the week starts all over again... Kittens got antibiotics for their diarrhea, and that finished it. I had a talk with the vet and we discussed that Ryoko's super hormone levels (trying to heat through the pill) was one thing to cause the runny feces. Especially since the last litter had this exact same thing...

They're going and going, all day long, and they are growing so quickly! I compared these to the last litter, thinking these will be behind the previous litter, but no. These are a bit ahead, despite our stepback!

So Fenris has the lead and others are following with relatively tiny gaps!

They've received their first vaccination and the booster, microchipping and neutering is happening on July 4th, and at the same time I'll X-ray Mutka's tail. :)

Ruusu and Muusa are still looking for fosterhomes!

Aatu and Muusa


I've been again too busy and exhausted to update the page, but I'm happy to announce that Mutka is now reserved! :) The little guy gets to go live with 2 older raggyguys and a senior rescued housecat.

There really hasn't been anyone asking about the foster-girls, which really is a shame. When they are 14 weeks they're going to live with my mother in Espoo, where they will continue for the search for a fosterhome/s. Unfortunately I can't keep the girls in here, because I have their half-brother and father in here. And they are really sexually active... The risk is just too great.

Just as they turned 8 weeks, Remi got a diarrhea. This is really weird since we had similar case with the last litter at 8 weeks without changing the diet. And that's how it is now. They've been eating the same stuff from the start.

And just like with the earlier bunch - just before the diarrhea started there was a heatwave. Not as hot now as it was back then, but still.

None of the kittens are showing clear signs of being sick or exhausted - they're jumping and bouncing with will! I've tried to calm them down a bit, but how does one calm down 8-weeks-old monkeykittens? :D


7 weeks old and Fenris crossed 1 kg milestone this morning! He just rushed over Ruusu, which is 5 grams below 1 kg, and is now first in the list. :) Only 2 kittens below 900 grams. Growing up so fast!

They're growing so fast that they have the whole apartment in their use. I've tried to make borders, but, you know... They just go over anything. :D

Mutka is still looking for a pethome and Ruusu and Muusa are looking for fosterhomes... :)


Kittens are already 6 weeks! I haven't been able to update the page since I've been under the weather over and over again. I've been updating something to Facebook though... :)

I expanded their living quarters yesterday, they took over my livingroom and it feels like they'll never stop racing! :D Ruusu tried to chew some cords, but I managed to interfere to all her attempts. Today I haven't noticed her even trying to bite cords. If only they'd stop running over my PS3...

I've been all over Mutka's tail daily, it seems that he can't move the tip of his tail, and he prefers to keep his tail underneath. There isn't any signs of necrosis in his tail, fur if growing nicely and his skin is clean. I'm somewhat surprised that almost no one has asked about him... Only one e-mail so far. :/

They are eating wide variety of different meats! I offered them some horse meat today and sometime later it just vanished. All of them eat dry food as well and they are all such a lovers. Kin's kittens has always been great quality. ^_^

Ruusu and Muusa are still looking for a fosterhome, preferably a home with interest in catshows. :) Contract for 2 litters.

6 weeks


Soon these will be unstoppable! Today Lilja and Nuppu came over the cardboard wall... Boy, they sure grow fast.


I also got the pedigrees today. :) Once again a bunch of official ragdolls in the world!

These kittens are just to die for! They love people, they're constantly purring and you should never pat a sibling. They care only a little about new things, men are somewhat scary as they've been for all my litters. :)

They sure aren't picky! Everything goes! And they are all mostly over 500 grams, few are over 600 grams. ^_^

I'm still looking for a home for three kittens. Fosterhome for Ruusu and Muusa, pethome for Mutka. :)



To my surprise most of kittens are already reserved! There was only one person that has asked about the kittens before they were born, but quickly after they were born I started getting e-mails. At this point I'm only looking for two fosterhomes and a well understanding home for Mutka the twisted tail boy. :)

They are eating solid food so nicely, they even eat dry food! I have absolutely no idea what was wrong with the last litter since they just didn't want to eat any production food. They also use the litterbox quite well! Only a few pees and poos have gone past the litterbox and I had to add another box for them. The small trainerbox got really too small for them.

The adults also nurture the babies, but Aatu is still a bit aware of those weird little meepers. :)

I started the registration process on Thursday and on Friday we already got our registration numbers!

4 weeks


A lot has happened! Legs are carrying decently and soon I'll have to start feeding solid food. So far there's been enough milk, so I'm waiting for the legs to get sturdier before I start serving solids... :)

Two of the cats are reserved, Jätkä and Fenris, and I'm still wondering between two of the girls, those being bluetortie Muusa and sealtortietabby Ruusu. Best case scenario I would foster both of them to see how they develop, but fosterhomes are really hard to find!

I've taped lightly Jätkä's hind legs because he's a froggy kitten like Aatu was when he was a baby. The legs are going to the sides and this probably has to do with super crowded uterus. He's doing more and more better each day! :) I tried to let him be a while without the taping, but I felt he still needed them to grow more.

They are enjoying playin and the taste of the towels underneath. :D

Three weeks


All have eyes opened and they are starting to move about! They are patting everything, tasting everything and two are already over 300 grams!

Yesterday we had our first guests and they just fell in love with Jätkä. I had traded plenty of messages with the future owner ever since last Fall. It was love at first sight and I allowed them to reserve him right then and there. The next couple is eyeing 2x green boy, who already got the name Fenris. :)

This reservation will be confirmed or released on April 22nd. Jätkä is going to be Bishamonten, Fenris is going to be Ebisu and I reserved the name Banzaiten for the future foster girl.

This litter will be named after Lucky Gods in Japanese.


Kittens are opening their eyes! :)

The first to open his eyes was Mutka, yellow girl following closely. They are all really peeking out to see the world! They still have monsterous appetite and they are gaining okay, mostly they get over 10 grams betweens weighings (12 hours). And because they are hungry and there are many of them, some also lose some weight. But when we're considering the size of the litter we're doing just fine. :)

They look pretty unique as well. 2x green boy has a really personalized nose. He's looking a lot like green girl's tortie-nose, but since 2x green is a male, him being a tortie is very unlikely. :) It could also be a funky blaze.



Phew, we've had some action here! First two days Ryoko carried her kittens all around from her box - to the litterbox, under the sofa, to carrier box... It has been so lovely to jump from bed in the middle of the night to gather kittens from places. The third day went well, she spent 3 hours unsupervised and all the kittens were in the box when I got back. :)

After they were born, I've taken their weight 7 times (so 3 full days after birth and the evening of their birthday), and they've all gained so nicely even if they are many in numbers! I've offered extra food (facebook video) for the hungry ones for about twice a day and they are growin fast!

With great interest I've been observing the yellow and green kitten, or as I've been calling him, Mutka, and how his tail is developing. I've tried to search information about bigger kinks and there really isn't much. Sooo I'm trying to build up a slight information packet of twisted/curled tails, or kinks.

I've gome across a lot of kinks in my days, even before I started to work with pedigreed cats, but most of them have been in the tip of the tail where as Mutka's is almost in the middle. His tail is still healthy, warm and he's eating well and is lively. For this boy I want to get a home from someone who is willing to keep well in touch with me, because I am learning from this cat for as long as he lives. :)

There has been many contancts about these kittens, but yet there hasn't been any contacts about a fosterhome for a girl. Since 2x red has a tail kink, there is 3 girls I am currently evaluating; green, yellow & green and red, the latter being my current favorite. :)

Tail twist


Today we had a happy family event! Ryoko woke me in the morning and meowed restlessly, after which she rested in the box for several hours before the contractions started. From that it took just 2h 10min from the first kitten to the last and there were 7 of them! Phew...

They were proper weight and stable! Varying from 91 grams up to the gigantic 124 grams. Such calm kittens, but will make lots of sound if needed. :D

One of the boys, yellow and green, has what seems to be a twisted tail. We'll observe it and if it needs to be amputated (if the twist bothers or something) we'll have it done. Otherwise he'll be such extraordinary guy! :)

The seven

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