FI*Darkie's Benzaiten - Muusa

Benzaiten is the goddess of talent, beauty and music.


RAG g 04, bluetortie mitted, female. Looking for a fosterhome!

Weight when born: 91 g

Social and efficiently purring Muusa is looking for a home where to grow so breeder's home won't overflow with kittens. :)

Fosterkittens will be born and grown at breeder's place so the quality of the kittens will stay somewhat the same!

Fosterhome should be located either in Mäntsälä or within a reasonable driving distant from Mäntsälä. I will not foster to be an only cat, but I am willing to foster Muusa together with her sister Ruusu. :)

After July 8th the girls will move to my mother's place in Espoo to grow, but they are not meant to stay there... If there's no fosterhomes before they are done with litters, they'll probably start looking for homes as an adults.