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SP CH Ryoko edle von den Lichtalben (DE) - Ryoko

Ryoko is a seal mitted, RAG n 04.

She was born on February 20th 2015 and what makes her special, is that her mother is a mink-ragdoll.

Gained titles

As she gets to Finland, she will be fostered to Espoo, to my grandmothers place to a showactive household. Matings, birth givings and kitten nurturings will happen at my place.

Ryoko came to me in October 2015, since she didn't get better with her behaviour at my grandma. Ryoko will stay with me untill her second litter has gone to their new homes, which would be early 2017 (at this point). I will consider having third litter out of her, but after her second one she will have her much deserved break and continue her showcareer with a help from Suprelorin chip.

Ryoko's pedigree. (PawPeds)


Mother of following litters...

Kokon venytys

Ryoko's showpose, May 16th 2016, 53 days pregnant


Jazz edle von den Lichtalben, n 32 x Satinova's Twilight, c 03