Mink and sepia ragdolls

Mink ragdolls are very much like traditional pointed ragdolls; they share same bloodlines and you can mix minks with traditionals. Body type, appearance and bloodlines connects often. The main difference between pointed and mink ragdolls are that on pointed ragdolls the main colour is located to the points (ears, mask, legs, tail) where minks have solid colour throughout the whole body, still keeping the points a bit darker than the rest of the body and still according to the patterns.

Mink ragdolls are just as original as pointed ones, they are a side product that was born with burmese cat as a father, so minks have burmese mask. Traditional ragdolls have always blue eyes, mink ragdolls have aqua coloured. Their personality is very similiar to traditionals, coat has the same silky and soft feeling and they are on average the same size. It took longer to get minks approved to cat clubs, though there are still clubs that doesn't approve of breeding with minks.

You get mink ragdolls when you cross traditional ragdoll to a mink ragdoll, outcome will be both minks and pointeds. When you put together two mink ragdolls together, outcome will be sepia and mink kittens. If you cross sepia and pointed, you'll have a litter full of minks.

Sepia is a darker version of mink, in some colours almost black. These have aqua colour eyes..

So, in conclusion, mink-ragdolls can have blue or aqua eyes, sepias have always aqua colour eyes, other solids can have green or yellow eyes, except white ones that have blue eyes (BEW = Blue eyed white).

Patterns and EMS codes

Mink and sepia ragdolls uses the same EMS codes as traditional radgolls, first breed, colour, pattern and then you add 31 for minks or 32 for sepias.

For example seal mitted mink would be RAG n 04 31 and seal sepia mitted would be RAG n 04 32.

Mink ragdolls have the same approved colours and patterns as traditional ragdolls, mitted, colourpoint, bicolour and tabby. Colours seal, sepia, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, cream and tortie.

Nowadays there are even solid black ones that might have green or yellow eyes and white ones with blue eyes, I, for one, don't really care for these two...

Seal sepia mitted ragdoll

(c) Pia Reitmeir, von den Lichtalben

This is Ishani edle von den Lichtalben, she has a perfect mitted pattern, RAG n 04 32.

Seal mink mitted with a blaze

(c) Pia Reitmeir, von den Lichtalben

This is Sir Finnley edler von den Lichtalben, he has a missmark in his blaze, but he is a mink mitted, RAG n 04 31. In the kitten photo you can see how dark mink kittens are, and in the adult photo you can see how beautifully the colour spreads to the body.

Seal mink bicolour ragdoll

(c) Pia Reitmeir, von den Lichtalben

In this photo there is a seal mink bicolour, Joschi Klecks edler von den Lichtalben, RAG n 03 31. On the bottom there are Joschi and Julie edle von den Lichtalben, Julie is a RAG a 31, blue mink colourpoint.

(c) Pia Reitmeir, von den Lichtalben

More to come after I get permission to use more photos. :)