FI*Darkie's Juroujin - Mutka

Juroujin is the god of elderly and longevity.


RAG a 04 21, bluetabby mitted + blaze, male. Reserved.

Weight when born: 110 g

Mutka was born with a twisted tail that I'm hoping to study throughout his life, since there isn't a lot information or photos of the development of tailproblems in kittens.

I'm x-raying him before I let him go, but I want him to get a home where I can study him for, preferably, the rest of his life. :)

Twisted tail should have no effect to his lifequality whatsoever!

Mutka is going to live in Vihtijärvi, with ragdoll boys Ventti and Epe and a senior housecat Simo. :)