SC Kin edler von den Lichtalben (DE) - Kin

Kin is a creamtabby colorpoint, RAG e 21.

Kin was born on September 5th 2012, and he is our first imported cat!

Kins pedigree you can find here. (PawPeds)

ES*Patriarca Gucci isn't present on his pedigree.

Kin was available to outside of this cattery, to a selected breeders who avoided linebreeding and only for girls that were tested to be healthy.


Kin is now done with the life as a breeder male, and is enjoying life as a neuter after reaching his 4th title... :)

Kinin venytys

Kin's showpose, 16.5.2016


Ashanti Edle von den Lichtalben (DE), g 04 x BE*The Cute Cats Fairy Prince, n 04 21