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Darkie's Second

Photos of the kitty

Nannas litter was conceived on June 28th 2012 at the studs home, and it should be due the first of September, when counted with 66 days. She carried her baby for 63 days and gave birth on August 29th. :)


FI*Darkie's... Color ja gender Status
Evening Star, "Miina" blue mitted / ♀ Fostered


Nanna ja Heikki

FI*Darkie's Shiroi Sakura (Nanna, RAG n 03) x IC FI*Bobkatin Naked Ned (Heikki, RAG a 04)

Parents pedigrees (inbreeding percent 1,53% in 10th generation)

Final weight of Miina;


So, the day finally came... Miina left today, she's on the way to her new home. I'm sad to see her go, but I'm happy that she got a good home. Thank you, Hanna and Mikko!


Miina is now having her third deworming. :) She's been the easiest kitten to give this stuff, younger ones doesn't like it at all...

She's soo active.. SO active. Doing bad things together with Juniori. -.-


Oh how the time flys... It's once again been a while since I last wrote here!

Miina is now 1,440 kilos! She's growing so much, so fast, I just can't believe it! It seems like Miina is going to stay with us a little bit longer, since her new people are moving at the time she would've been able to be picked. It's better for her to wait a little longer than to be sent into a total rumble. :)


The second deworming has started. :) She's grown so much! Almost 1,2 kilos. It's just amazing how so small kitten grows so fast so big!

We've been taking walks with Miina, she loves outdoors so much! :)


Miina got vaccinated for the first time yesterday. It went fine, allthough vaccination needle pinched a lot, but after that she just continued playing. :) She charmed the entire vet's office!


We've got a good home for Miina now! She's so full of potential and energy!! She's also gaining weight, even though it's slower because she is just that active! She's getting the hang of climbing. :)


Miina didn't say a thing about her new uncles and aunt. :) I don't think that she even registeres them being in here. Pörrö on the other hand is very willingly carrying Miina to be with her own kittens. She weights soon 700 grams!


It's been a rough day for Miina today. :D Pörrö is going on a super motherly gear due her closing labor.

She eats a lot! Solids. Dry and wet. And she also knows how to use the litterbox! Covering is somewhat developing still! ^^


She's playing so much! 580 grams was her weight today. :) She's the biggest devil at this point, treathning everyone and everything. ;)

I'm so nervous about Miinas reaction to Pörrös delivering, if it's good or bad thing in her mind. Going to find that out within a week. :)


Miina is now roaming in the livingroom at daytime, nights she still spends safely in her box. :) Pörrö is taking really good care of her, like she was her own kitten. She's due in little less than 2 weeks.

Miina is soon 500 grams! She just grows so much... I'm planning to give her her first solid food today or tomorrow.


Miina is already a big girl. She weights 360 grams, she just grows so fast and she's trying so much to walk already! It's starting to look like Nanna wouldn't have enough milk, I have to start giving her some extra nutrition for her so that there is milk for her for atleast few more weeks.


On the 9th day she started to open her eyes and today, well, in the morning they were completely open! She's so determined, waving her head, staring everything and moving so much. She's so willing and intent!

Miina Miina


She weights already over 210 grams! She's growing so quickly, Nanna has been good mother now, there's been plenty of milk too. I'm just waiting for her to open her eyes!


Nanna has finally became the mother she needs to be right now; she spents so much time with her daughter, by herself or with Junior by their side. :) At this time of evening Miina weights whopping 122 grams!!

Today I decided that Miinas registered name will be FI*Darkie's Evening Star, and even though I was thinking that she'll become a blue bicolour, I think that she's going to be a blue mitted. Atleast her nose is soon all gray. :)


Phew. It's been a rough week. We started moving on Monday and on Wednesday-night Nanna gave birth to a beautiful girl.

She's the prettiest thing you've ever seen! She's got long legs and she knows exactly what she's doing! Nannas mother skills are not something I'm going to brag with, I just hope she gathers herself and does the job. I've fed her few times as Nanna's been sailing in the appartment somewhere else.. If Junior had enough patience to stay with Miina and Nanna the mother, then Nanna would be happy. :)


The size differential between Junior and Miina-girl is massive! Miina was born weighing 80 grams, as did Junior, and he weights 5,2 kilos today!

Miina and Junnu

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