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Darkie's Ninth

Because Ruusu decided to have a very long pause between her heats, Gubbe had to be neutered due excessive stud behavior. This means that after Ruusu's new heart and kidney scan, she will probably meet with Lumenvalkean Flasso (Lasso). Things are still open and uncertain. :)

Ruusu's second and last litter was planned with the gentleman Gubbe from Kullannupun cattery. :)

Several succesful matings happened between May 31st and June 2nd and this means the litter would be born around August 4th. Would be fun to share my birthday with a litter from my lines!

Unfortunately the first attempt didn't bear fruit... Waiting for the next heat then.

Again waiting for a new heat


FI*Darkie's Daikokuten, "Ruusu" (RAG f 04 21) x Lumenvalkean Flasso, "Lasso" (RAG b 04 21)

Parents pedigrees (inbreeding 0,874% in 10th generation)

Combination is free of PG

Possible colors and patterns;