Juntti, childhood companion, someone to grow with..

And most important; he was our so much loved pet.


- known better as Juntti (August 11th 1991 to April 7th 2010)

Cat that we knew as Juntti, was one of the most adorable that I've met during the short amount of time that I have lived. This is the one cat that I have in each and every one of my childhood memories. He is also in the very first memories that I have of the time, when I really didn't realize anything that was going on around me, and still, I can picture this specific cat so clearly. Even from that time.

My life wouldn't have been this good, if I wouldn't have had this change to grow with him, even tho he spent lot of his young days outside... He was a good hunter and was always bringing home something that he had catched... Heh, he even beat our dog from time to time, just to keep sure, that he was even our dogs boss. No questions asked.

Hmm, I could keep on telling you stories about this cat and you wouldn't stop smiling... Not before I would get to end of his story.

January 2010, I saw him and he was just fine. Juntti lived his whole life under my mothers watching and caring eyes in her rent apartment in Espoo. He was getting thinner, older and weaker, but he still was filled with energy to live, always eager to play. I spent a night at my mothers back then and I remember that I woke up at night because Juntti was feeling a little ill, he vomited but after that he just continued his life as nothing happened. Then I tought that he would see his 19th birthday.

I had my car in garage in one of my car club friends garage in Tuusula, saved from the cold and wet winter, I was supposed to go get my car home, with or without snow on the ground, it was April 1st 2010. I spent that weekend again in my mothers apartment with my boyfriend, where I could see Juntti again...

In just a couple of months he had changed so rapidly. There was almost nothing left of him. He was so thin. You could see the bones in him, you could count ribs from his sides... He was looking so ill and you could see so far that he wasn't okay anymore. Not even close. I was so hurt after I saw him. Where was the cat that I grew with? There was only my memories left of him. Nothing more.

Still, after seeing him so weak, so sick... I forced myself to touch him, to hold him... Afterall, he came to me as I walked into that house. He looked me so confused as I tried to hold back my tears, as I tried to hide my pain. At this moment... This very moment, I knew that he would die soon.

I had just came back from seeing Pörrö for the very first time, I should have been happy. I had just seen 4 weeks old kitten, that would be mine in just 8 more weeks. I should have felt all the joy in the world, but I couldn't feel nothing else as pain that was tearing me from the inside; this young little kitten probably weight more than adult, old and weak 18 years old cat...

I said my farewells to him April 4th 2010, I said to him how thankfull I was of his life and how sorry I was for his pain that I couldn't ease.

I got text message from my mother April 7th, it said that Juntti is now freed from his pain. He is now on the other side. Forever free from all pains.

He lives in our memories forever, as long as we want to keep him there. As long as we care to remember that playful beautiful cat, that never left anyones heart cold. I don't want anyone to remember him as he was in the end; weak and in lots of pain, I rather ask you to remember that lovely, healthy cat that would go crazy of catnip anyday of the week, that cat that just continued playing long after humans grew tired of it.

Rest in peace, my love. Most adorable cat that ever lived.

~ Juntti, epileptic cat that later became deaf. August 11th 1991 to April 7th 2010.