Tiikeri is a housecat and her colour is browntiger(white), HCL (housecat long)

She has lived with me from the very first day of her life. She was born at my mothers place back in 1997, we've grown together and no one can seperate us. I would never, never ever, sell this lil' Miss to anyone, not to any amout of money. She's perfect and completes me, and for this, I keep filling her food bowl. :)

She has been in seven different cat shows, from where she brought home few serts, 2 "Best of Colour" pocals and few others. There's only two shows she didn't bring anything home with her. I took her to her first show bit after she turned 7 years, so I also quit quite soon.

I have never tested Tiikeri, but some facts about her;