FI*Darkie's Sewa - Muru/Kasparov

Sewa (世話) means Care.


RAG a, blue colourpoint, male. Reserved..

Weight when born; 90 g.

Castrated before leaving; 29.8.2016

Without a doubt, Muru is my favourite kitten in this litter, and his character is the purest gold.

In every litter, there is that one kitten that is above all the rest, but with Muru I just feel the yearning and sadness squeezing my heart even from the thought of letting him go.

Muru is going to move to Jyväskylä to live with a nice couple, and he's going to be the first cat this couple has owned together, and I know this is a good home for him. But I am going to miss this kitten forever. ♥